Best Pre Black Friday Sales

There’s no time like the present, especially when it comes to shopping. Get ahead of the Black Friday madness by shopping these pre-Black Friday sales. Whether you have people on your list or you just love a good deal.

Barney’s Warehouse: Extra 50% off clearance and extra 40% off the rest of the site. Shop their holiday giftguide here.

Boohoo: 30% off select items with code THEBIGWEEKENDER. Starts Nov. 27th and ends Nov. 30th.

Cynthia Rowley: All sales items 60% off and 20% off of full price holiday and resort items. Starts Nov. 27th and ends Dec. 1st.

Express: 50% off of everything. Nov 25-28th

Fossil: $25 off of $150, $50 off of $200, plus free shipping and returns on all orders. Starts Nov. 27th and ends Dec. 1st. Check out their giftguide here.

Guess: Up to 50% off select items on Nov. 28th.

H&M: Up to 70% off select items. Ends Nov. 29th.

Helmut Lang: The Blackout Sale and get $100 towards your next purchase when you spend $500+. Starts Nov. 27th and ends Dec. 1st.

House of Harlow: 25% off all RTW items. Starts Nov. 28th and ends Dec. 1st.

Intermix: Extra 30% off sale items. Starts Nov. 27th and ends Dec. 1st.

Jack Rogers: Up to 35% off select footwear and up to 55% off select handbags. Starts Nov. 25th and ends Nov. 30th.

Macy’s: 30-50% off Lucky Brand, Kensie, Bar III, RACHEL Rachel Roy, and more on Nov. 28th.

ModCloth: 50% off select styles. Starts Nov. 26th and ends Nov. 30th.

Nine West: 20% off of purchase of $125 or more Starts Nov. 27th and ends Nov 28th

Rebecca Taylor: Black Friday 30% off of sales merchandise. ends Nov. 30th.

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Holiday Giftguide: For the Beauty Addict



It’s hard to believe that it’s already that time of year again! Thanksgiving is next week and just around the corner is Christmas. Now (if you haven’t already) is the best time to start planning what to get for everyone on your list.

This first holiday gift guide all about the “beauty product lovers.” Everyone has that person in their life who’s all about trying out new beauty products. Whether it’s your sister, bestfriend, girlfriend, or even yourself! This giftguide is full of items they will actually want and enjoy using (including my personal favorite perfume!)

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Weekly Wardrobe Inspiration: “Blush a Little”

Blush (and I’m not referring to that thing you do when someone gives you a compliment or an attractive guy offers you his seat on the train) is one of the on trend colors of the season. Unlike it’s cousin color “winter white”,”blush” tends to look great on most skin tones and add a bit of color to your outfit. Interested in testing out this trend? Don’t be shy! Blush can be worn as a neutral so it pairs with almost everything. Try a light pink pea coat this winter instead of the standard black like this one  from NewLook or this pretty coat from Nordstrom.

Below are a few of my fav picks in this trend:

Shop the looks below:

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Must have Monday: Fall Sweaters

This past weekend was the coldest one yet this Fall season! Although I had the intentions of keeping it chic and chill by pairing comfy leggings with a nice oversized sweater, I quickly realized I had a shortage of “length appropriate” options. Thus I spent the rest of the weekend searching high and low on the Internet for “tunic length sweaters”. Turns out “tunic” is a somewhat dated term in web developer lingo so I had to come up with more creative search terms like “sweaters long enough to cover bum”. One of my favorites so far is this asymmetric sweater from Nordstroms.

Keep reading to see my top ten picks as well as check out my new “sweater weather shop” on I will be continuously updating it throughout the season with all of my favorite finds!

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Fashion and Technology: Beauty App Bellashoot

Since launching their website last year, Bellashoot has provided beauty enthusiasts, beauty bloggers and experts a visual platform to share, discover and experiment with beauty. Bellashoot’s latest launch is making it easier for women all around the world to interact and learn about the best in beauty.

Bellashoot is designed for beauty lovers from around the world to organize all of their favorite products, tutorials and inspiration while also sharing their own content and building relationships. Designed for everyone from veteran makeup artists looking to share their latest tutorial to the everyday beauty enthusiast seeking tips as she’s getting ready to go out on the town.

Main features of the app include:
• Members can filter their search with a variety of keywords, such as tutorials, inspiration, beauty tips, beauty news, blogger reviews, YouTube videos, nails, makeup tips, hairstyles, and more.
• The built-in camera functionality allows users to take product pictures, selfies and create beauty tutorials on-the-go, making it easy for them to share with the community in a matter of minutes.
• Easily find all of their favorite makeup artists, bloggers, hairstylists, and beauty brands and follow them all in one centralized app, never having to miss another post again.
• Create a space to store all their favorite beauty tips and products with custom collections created around their specific beauty interests, whether it’s hairstyles, nail art, bridal makeup, contour makeup or more.

To join Bellashoot’s one-stop platform for beauty lovers across the globe,download the app for free by visiting iTunes here.


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NYC Shopping: Tortoise & Blonde vs. Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker vs Tortoise and Blonde

As someone who has worn glasses for years (though to be fair I’ve been wearing mainly contacts for the last 10 years) I’ve never been super into glasses. I’ve always owned one pair (usually just as a back up) and even had the same ray ban glasses for the past four years!

So naturally when it was time to find a new pair of glasses, I felt like I was wandering through uncharted territory. Once I knew I needed new glasses, I looked online for reviews of but was shocked to find none. I had heard a lot about Warby Parker and had seen Tortoise & Blonde Glasses inside of Urban Outfitters so figured I’d start there.


I went first to Tortoise and Blonde since it was pretty convenient to pop into one of the Urban Outfitters that they are located in. I initially felt like their selection wasn’t as large as I would like but with the aid of the very helpful sales associate I soon changed my mind. One hour later and many frames passed, I had a pair of glasses I was finally ready to commit to. I asked the associate to lay the price on me and was stunned by the quote: $197 for “The Alfredo in Blonde“. The sales associate (probably seeing the shock on my face) quickly offered me a “discount” if I bought TWO pairs that would bring the cost down to about $300 for both. Another hour later I settled on “Abri in gray and yellow” as my second pair. Though thoroughly in love with the two pairs I found it difficult to part with $300 for glasses when I spend most of my time wearing contacts. Under the pressure of the associate, I ended up ordering but then going home and canceling.

After later going on I saw the breakdown of the prices (turns out the frames were actually $137 +$20 for the lenses and another $40 for lifetime warranty which I didn’t ask for). Had I known the price breakdown I probably would have just got one pair for $157 and walked away happy.


After the heftier than expected price tag at Tortoise and Blonde, I decided to give the wildly popular Warby Parker a try. I went to their downtown Soho flagship store and was immediately overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people buzzing around. Unlike Tortoise and Blonde with the overbearing sales associate, at Warby Parker the associates more or less gave you the impression they were there to model the eyeglasses and not much else. I spent 30-45 minutes wandering around trying to find a good pair and wishing someone was there to give me a second opinion. Despite trying to engage several employees, none seemed to be game to much more than pointing out where glasses were. Dejected and frame-less, I left the store ready to give up on replacing my four years old frames.


Eventually I decided to give it another go, armed with more knowledge. I went online to Warby Parker and was able to come up with a list of frames I liked in the much less overwhelming format of viewing them all online. A few weeks later, I went back to Warby Parker an hour before they closed. Surprisingly, I had a completely didn’t experience the second time around. After telling the greeter at the door that I had a list of glasses I wanted to see, she directed me to an associate in the back that helped to pull out the glasses on my list. From there he actually stayed with me as I tried on several pairs, gave me his thoughts on he one, and even suggested I use the photo booth (something that no one ever mentioned to me on my first visit!) Less than an hour later, I settled on the “Topper in Crystal“, which came to $95 total.



Overall my number one piece of advice would be to do your research before going to any of these new eye glasses startups. Had I done that before going to Tortoise and Blonde, I would have known the lowest price I could get a pair for and would have walked away with the “The Alfredo in Blonde“. Tortoise and Blonde had more frames that I liked, however a slightly higher price tag. At $97 Warby Parker’s prices absolutely can not be beat, but many of frames seemed similar to me. Though I’m excited to receive and start wearing the “Topper in Crystal“, there were few other frames that I found and liked.


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Top Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends


As the weather cools off and we put away the tank tops and sandals, it’s time to start thinking about autumn and winter wear. Cool-weather fashion includes coats, scarves, sweaters and… duvet covers? Here is a complete list of AW14 fashion trends to go for this season.


NYC Shopping: E.L.F Cosmetics NYC Studio Haul

elf studio nyc

e.l.f has long been known for their affordable yet quality beauty products. For years their products were only available online but over time they made their way into physical stores through retailers like Target. Some time ago I heard about the opening of an e.l.f flagship store in NYC but honestly didn’t “jump” to go. I figured that since most of their products are already in Target, there was no need for me to make a separate trip to their store.

As life would have it, I ended up in the neighborhood with time to kill so I decided to check it out. Immediately I was pleasantly surprised. For one, there were soooo many products (much more than I expected), testers (amen for try before you buy) and helpful makeup artist giving advice (looking awesome in all elf products). To say I was elated would be an understatement. I somehow lost an hour of time in the store and picked up more products than I intended (I just came to window shop)!


I ended up buying the following products I’ve never used from elf:
-Blush Palette in Dark
-Complete Coverage Concealer in Dark
-Pressed Mineral Foundation in Dark
-Makeup Removal Pen in Clear

To be honest, I haven’t gotten around to throughly testing out my goodies from the haul, but as you know from my favorites post, I’m obsessed with the blush palette! I can’t wait to get around to using the other products more, fingers crossed they are just as bomb.

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