4 Tips for Gorgeous Cheekbones

 There are all sorts of features that women want to stand out on their face or body. Some want people to be drawn to their eyes, while others are proud of their hair. Killer cheekbones are a must for some women, but they often have no idea how to get them. I love a pair of high and sharp cheekbones, just as long as it’s not because the girl is ridiculously thin! If you want to make your own cheeks stand out, I’ve got some great tips to highlight them. There are several solutions you can choose, from using blush all the way up to cosmetic surgery.

  1. Blush and Bronzer: One of the simplest ways to get beautiful cheekbones is to get clever with your makeup. Using blush helps to give your cheeks some color and gives you a healthy and happy look. Choose a shade that suits your skin, and apply it while you’re doing the kissy face to get it in the right place. Remember to blend it in well to help it look more natural. Bronzer is another great option. It is often used underneath the cheekbones instead of on them. Use a matte bronzer to highlight your cheeks by creating a shadow underneath them.
  2. Contouring: If you want to go further with your makeup, you can try some expert contouring. I’m a fan of contouring, but it is difficult to get right. Using your bronzer under your cheeks is the beginning stages of doing it, but you can go further. You need to have dark and light foundations/concealers that are one or two shades away from your natural color to make it work. You can use these shades on the bridge of your nose, under and on your cheekbones and your brow. Highlighters are also useful things to have in your makeup bag to give your cheeks an extra boost.
  3. Face Exercises: Some people say that doing exercises with your face can also help to get you the cheeks you want. Doing exercises with your mouth and cheeks supposedly will help to strengthen your facial muscles. This might be true, but there’s no solid evidence that it will work for everyone. However, if you’re desperate to get those killer cheekbones, there’s no harm in trying. Some of the suggested movements including holding in your cheeks (making a fish face) and puckering up.
  4. Surgery: If you want to change your looks permanently, there’s always plastic surgery to consider. A professional cosmetic surgeon can give a cheek augmentation procedure to give you the plump cheeks you’re looking for. Surgery is a big thing to think about, but many women decide that it’s the right choice for them. If you’re considering it, you should talk to the surgeon about what the procedure entails. They can tell you what to expect and discuss whether you’re suitable for the surgery or not.

If you want beautiful cheeks, you have a few options for how to get them. Take the short-term route or a more permanent one to get what you’re looking for.

Comment below and let me know if you have any tips for making your cheekbones pop.

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