4 Ways Men Can Make A Statement With Shoes


With men’s fashion week recently coming to a close, it’s clear that more and more people are starting to take an interest in men’s fashion. In particular, over the last year or two, there have also been a lot of interesting trends in footwear for men. Most guys can get away with some pretty basic boots or dress shoes for average, everyday looks. But by embracing some of these styles, a man can really make a statement with what he puts on his feet. Whether you’re a guy or just a girl interested in men’s fashion (let’s be honest, we all have a dad or boyfriend that could use some help) these tips will definitely be good to know.

1. Embrace The Chelsea Boot For Everyday Wear

There probably hasn’t been a more significant or more widespread trend in men’s footwear in the past year than the emergence of the Chelsea boot (pictured above) as an everyday option. They’re sleek and versatile without sacrificing character, and they can be worn with most any kind of outfit. Most guys find them comfortable, and their equal utility with work trousers and weekend jeans means you can really get a lot out of a pair.

2. Opt For Color

This is not a suggestion to get completely wild with your shoes, as bright colors and dramatic looks are still pretty much reserved for athletic shoes. But going by this Brostrick list of winter shoes for 2016 that shows off some really stylish options, some low-key color injection isn’t a bad thing. That particular list includes some blue and grey versions of fairly conventional dress shoes, and there’s also been some dark and pale green making the rounds in guys’ collections. These are all classy and understated options that can still show a lot of character.

3. Dress Up With Monk Straps

Most of the trends in men’s footwear of late have concerned styles that are versatile but fall just beneath the level of a legitimately formal option. The aforementioned Chelsea boots and desert boots/chukkas, for instance, have been everywhere. For a slightly dressier option, consider a monk strap style. Lyst’s collection shows that this is actually a more versatile idea than you might think, with single- and dual-strap choices giving guys some variety to choose from. Either way, it’s a sophisticated spin on a fairly traditional dress shoe, and one that’s been popular of late.

4. Take Up A Classic Sneaker Game

Where sneakers are concerned, there are always a lot of different directions a guy can go in. And if you have a go-to option or something that’s always worked for you, you may as well go with it. But most of the trends of late have concerned some classic styles. You’ll find some talk about updated Air Force Ones at Esquire, and likewise there’s a new version of Chuck Taylor All-Stars for the first time in years. So if you’re looking to change up your sneaker game, look to the classics.

That about says it all for menswear for the remainder of the winter and moving forward. Guys, you’ve got a lot of good options between now and flip-flop season.


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