Fancy Francy mission statement:
Fancy Francy is an advice blogazine for all women with a focus on celebrating diversity. I show fashion for the young (and not so young) cosmopolitan woman. I talk makeup for all shades of beauty. And I believe in helping women find their inner fancy.
What is “Fancy”?
Fancy is where confidence and chic collide. It’s not correlated to how much money you spent or living in a big city. It’s a reflection of how you feel on the inside shining on the outside. I believe that every woman has an inner fancy and I am determined to help you find it!

Who is Francy?

Ever since I can remember I have had a love for fashion and a desire to help people look their best! I’ve always been an artistic person, and clothing and makeup are two of my favorite mediums. Prior to beginning Fancy Francy, I had the opportunity to work at several fashion internships while I was in college. After graduating and moving to New York City, I decided to focus on channeling my expertise, experience, and advice in the field of fashion and beauty into an advice site, and Fancy-Francy.com was born.

What’s Francy’s Style?
“Minimalist edge”. I firmly agree in Coco Chanel’s wisdom of take one thing off. I believe less is more and hate outfits that are over styled or accessorized. I love neutral colors like gray, white, black and tan but often pair it with one piece in a color that pops like blood orange. I keep the overall minimalist look from becoming boring by pairing it with pieces that have a bit of an “edge”. I’m all over anything with an exposed zipper, leather trim, or abstract print. For me it’s all about the details!

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