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What’s Trending Now?: Cropped Tops

“The midriff” is the new, “back”, which was the new “crack” which was the old “cleavage.” Still following?…In other word’s, showing the midriff is the new trend in skin exposure. All over the runways and trend forecast for spring 2012, were designers, showing off the power of a good Denise Austin fitness video.

The key to this look is to pair it with a higher waisted bottom, such as a high waisted skirt or high rise shorts. By having a bottom that goes up over your belly button, you reveal only a hint of teasing skin (click here to see how that’s done).

Below are a few of my cropped top picks to help inspire you and get the ball rolling (The “peace” one and aztec print are my favorite).

Cropped Top Tanks

Denim top
$32 –

Mara Hoffman tribal top
$207 –

Bra top
$24 –

Crop top
$48 –

Motel sweetheart neckline top
£22 –

Topshop denim top
$48 –

Floral top
$60 –

Miss Selfridge animal print top
$28 –

Crop top
$45 –


***About What’s Trending: 
“That’s Trending” is a term that I use that came from an inside joke between my friends and I. As it has evolved over time, my friend’s have started to come to me to ask “What’s trending?” On Fancy-Francy “What’s Trending Now?” is an area where I highlight what’s currently on trend or a current “obsession” of mine.
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Weekly Wardrobe Inspiration: Workout Wear

I find it easier to force myself into the gym when I’m wearing something cute, sporty, and pink. Here’s a little inspiration to get you back in the gym (it’s not to late to finally tackle that New Year’s Resolution).

Check out my picks for cute workout wear

Workout Outfits

NIKE sports activewear
£33 –

Nike activewear
$32 –

Nike activewear
$32 –

NIKE sports activewear
$30 –

NIKE lightweight shoes
$85 –

NIKE lightweight shoes
$85 –

Fitness Workout Bag
$32 –


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How to: Style a Chambray Shirt

If there is any one item in my closet that I can seriously say I feel bad for, it’s definitely my chambray shirt from Banana Republic. Since I purchased it last summer I have worn that shirt so much that I’m concerned how much longer the seems will last. At this point, not only have I gotten my money’s worth, but I actually probably owe Banana Republic more.

Here are a few examples of ways you can rock your chambray or denim shirts. 

Styled 3 ways: Chambray shirt

Don’t have one yet??!!  Check out the rest of the post to see some of my chambray shirt picks.

Tank top dress
$46 –

Madewell chambray shirt
$68 –

Mara Hoffman corset top
$207 –

J.Crew high waisted shorts
$118 –

J Brand mid rise skinny jeans
£245 –

Tory Burch strappy flat sandals
$225 –

Jeffrey Campbell black high heels
£120 –

Corso Como flat sandals
$95 –

ASOS oversized clutch
$36 –

H M leather belt
£7.99 –

Chambray Shirts Collection

J Crew western shirt
$118 –

CYCLE denim shirt
£149 –

Madewell chambray shirt
$78 –

Madewell chambray shirt
$68 –

Denim shirt
$55 –

J Crew denim shirt
$120 –

Old Navy chambray shirt
$25 –

Scotch soda
€100 –

Vintage washed denim shirt
¥19,950 –

H m
£15 –


The Comeback Kid

Don’t you hate it when a guy you recently started talking to and think you might be interested in randomly drops off the earth? No texts, Facebook, IMs, and let’s not even kid ourselves that he ever really called. You find yourself getting pissed off every time you hear an iPhone text message alert because you look at your phone (even though the sound was clearly coming from across the room and not in your bag, but nevertheless) and it’s still just your lock screen staring back at you. That sucks. You know what else sucks? When a blog that you love, ups and stops blogging. You just added a new blog to your daily internet “stalk list” and then they walk out on you. No warning, no message, or no forwarding number left on their answering machine. That was the story behind Fancy-Francy and its sporadic, (lack luster at times) blog posts. But that’s not where the story ends. Fancy-Francy is back, under a new direction and vision: The life and times of a young twenty something navigating graduating from college, moving from the deep south to the big apple and everything in between. Fancy-Francy chronicles Francy’s life as she moves awkwardly (yet hopefully stylishly) from one world to the next. As she discovers her personal style, views on beauty, men, friends, and life in general. And although you might be on the fence… trying to decide if your gonna give her another chance and welcome her back into your “blog loving” list…you’ve been hurt before and just don’t know if she will keep her word this time…have a little faith. And besides, who doesn’t love to root for the under dog? xoxo,

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