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Francy Answers: What to wear to a pool party

Dear Francy,

I’m attending a pool party soon and I don’t know what to wear. I want to look cute but not like I’m trying to hard, any ideas?


As a southern, pool parties are near and dear to my heart. The only way to beat a scorching hot day is to get dressed up and party around the perimeter of a pool. All jokes aside, pool parties can be a very tricky wardrobe situation. Personally, I would recommend wearing an all black swimsuit which pairs easily with a multiple of looks.

Keep reading to see three suggestions for what to wear to a summer pool party.

One item, three looks: Classic Black Bikini

Look one:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown


Look two:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown

Look Three:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown

Comment below and share your thoughts, which look do you like the best?

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What to Wear to Your Work’s Office Holiday Party


Holiday Dress Guide: What to wear to an office party


Keep things festive yet classic at the annual office holiday party by wearing a work appropriate ensemble with fun and decorative details. In this look, the classic work shift dress gets a holiday update with the help of sequins sleeves. This look is perfect for the office since it can easily be toned down by pairing a blazer on top during the work day.
Holiday Dress Guide: What to wear to a house party

Having the annual holiday party at someone’s house this year? Working at a startup with a super relaxed dress code? Keep things simple yet festive with this easy to put together outfit. Wear a leather skater skirt and pair it with a classic cable knit sweater and glitzy accessories to glam up the look.


Comment below and let us know if your office as an annual holiday party? Is it a more formal or casual affair?

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Francy Answers: What to wear to a casino


Spending the night out on the town can be a lot of fun. However, for some women ensuring the night’s success starts with being selective about what she will wear. Certain activities or venues necessitate a certain manner of dress. Take playing roulette at a casino as an example. This is a particular place that requires a certain level of dress. If this fails to be achieved, it could result in being denied access to the casino. Also, overdressing can make one stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, properly dressing for a casino night is incredibly important.


Francy Answers: How to transition your dresses into Fall/Autumn

dresses in the fal

Dear Francy,
I’m more of a dress and skirt kind of girl and now that the weather is getting colder, I was wondering if you have any tips for how to wear dresses in the Fall. This is my first Fall up north and I’m nervous about the transition. Thanks so much!

1. Tights are your best friend. Don’t even attempt to wear a dress without tights (or a similar contraption for those into retro guarders and things) once the weather starts to get chilly. For some ladies the thought of wearing tights and stockings may cause them to conjure up images of their mother (or even grand mother) but these accessories are definitely not a thing of the past. These days tights come in thousands of styles, looks, and forms: all perfect for younger (and older) generations alike.


Francy Answers: How to Transition Your Wardrobe for Fall


Fall has finally, finally arrived, and I for one couldn’t be happier. Some time back in July I started daydreaming about the days when I would once again be able to venture out of the house without my face instantly turning into a sweaty mess and the subways feeling like Dante’s Inferno.

Now that those gruesomely hot days have past, our closets needs a little time and TLC to get it in gear for the Fall days ahead. Below are a few tips on how to get your wardrobe transitioned into Fall.


Francy Answers: How to Get the Lilac Lipstick Look

Dear Francy,
I love the lipstick shade the model is wearing in this picture, do you know how I can get the same look?
Lilac and lavender lipsticks are a great alternative to the classic red lip. Lilac lipsticks are very flattering on a multitude of skin tones and look great when paired with a neutral or bold eye shadow. Below are several lipstick shades that will give you the same look and tips on how to wear it.

Francy Answers: How to apply stick foundation

Dear Francy,

Not sure if you have any experience with this but I recently heard about stick foundation and I’m interested in trying it but I have no clue how to wear it. Have you worn it before and if so how? Thanks for your help!


Stick foundation may not be as common as liquid and powder, but it has actually been around for quite some time. Stick foundation is basically cream foundation in a stick applicator. Like other cream foundation formulas, stick foundation can provide medium to full coverage, depending on application amount.

Stick foundations give concentrated strokes of foundation when applied, so it’s best to use a sponge applicator over other brushes to evenly distribute the foundation all over your face.

Recently I tried the Maybelline Oil Free Foundation stick (look out for a review on this foundation) and created a tutorial on how I applied it. Below are step by step instructions on how I apply my stick foundation and the products that I used.


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