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6 Beauty Tips To Get The Perfect Selfie

 When it comes to taking selfies I’m far from an expert but I’ve picked up a lot of tricks along the way. Whether we like to admit it, selfies are here to stay (selfie sticks have even become socially acceptable). We all want to look great in our photos but sometimes it can seem like an impossible feat to get an instagram worthy shot. Instead of turning to filters on filters to make your photo better, using these beauty tips will help you get to #nofilter status ASAP. Keep reading to find out my favorite selfie beauty tips. (more…)

How to pick a swimsuit by body type

No matter what your body type, swimsuit shopping can be really difficult. Everyone wants to look good when they are practically baring it all for the world to see. But when you’re wearing such little amounts of clothing, it’s kinda hard to accentuate or hide anything.

How to pick a swimsuit by bodytype

For my last beach vacation I spent weeks ahead of time searching for the perfect bikini. I ordered some online, bought some in stores, and even tried to get a pair from Instagram (spoiler alert, that’s not a good idea). Finally in the ninth hour I found a few swimsuits at that were cute and affordable. I impulsively decided to order a few right before my trip and luckily they worked out perfectly for me. The whole experience (including talking to friends who have had their own swimsuit shopping nightmares) left me wanting to help other women who might be going through a similar struggle this season.

Curvy/Hourglass: I love the high-waisted swimsuit trend for this body type. It accentuate the smallest part of the body (the waist) while still highlighting the curves.

Athletic: If you’re body doesn’t have many curves naturally you can totally still (more…)

Francy Answers: What to wear to a pool party

Dear Francy,

I’m attending a pool party soon and I don’t know what to wear. I want to look cute but not like I’m trying to hard, any ideas?


As a southern, pool parties are near and dear to my heart. The only way to beat a scorching hot day is to get dressed up and party around the perimeter of a pool. All jokes aside, pool parties can be a very tricky wardrobe situation. Personally, I would recommend wearing an all black swimsuit which pairs easily with a multiple of looks.

Keep reading to see three suggestions for what to wear to a summer pool party.

One item, three looks: Classic Black Bikini

Look one:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown


Look two:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown

Look Three:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown

Comment below and share your thoughts, which look do you like the best?

Interested in having your question answered?  If you have any questions or situations you would like advice on submit them here!

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What to Wear to Your Work’s Office Holiday Party


Holiday Dress Guide: What to wear to an office party


Keep things festive yet classic at the annual office holiday party by wearing a work appropriate ensemble with fun and decorative details. In this look, the classic work shift dress gets a holiday update with the help of sequins sleeves. This look is perfect for the office since it can easily be toned down by pairing a blazer on top during the work day.
Holiday Dress Guide: What to wear to a house party

Having the annual holiday party at someone’s house this year? Working at a startup with a super relaxed dress code? Keep things simple yet festive with this easy to put together outfit. Wear a leather skater skirt and pair it with a classic cable knit sweater and glitzy accessories to glam up the look.


Comment below and let us know if your office as an annual holiday party? Is it a more formal or casual affair?

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Francy Answers: What to wear to the Airport

Fly like paper get high like planes 🎶

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No matter what time of year it is, people love to travel. One of the questions I get most is people asking me what to wear to the airport. Through trial and error I’ve come up with a few points to keep in mind when dressing to head out on your next voyage.

1. Learn from Onions: Just like Shrek, our outfits can have layers. By dressing in layers you will be comfortable even if the weather from your departing city is completely different from where you’re headed. Typically I wear a sweater or fur vest over my outfit as it keeps me warm but is also easy to slip off. Layer and or packing extra items of clothing in your carry on bag allows you to  plus or minus items as needed. This is especially helpful while on flight since airplanes seem to be kept at a constant negative 10 degrees.

2. Think Feet First: No one wants to be that person in line, holding everyone up in the check point, or worse, the person right behind that person in line. Since we all know the drill about going through security already, be sure to keep this in mind when getting dressed. Wear shoes that will be easy to  remove such as flats or boots so you can easily go through security.
20131127-113937.jpg3. Be Comfortable but Chic: Whether your flight is 1 hour or 22, no one wants to be stuck in a seat wearing uncomfortable clothes, but that is not an excuse to dress poorly. No matter how early or late your flight is, there is NEVER any excuse to wear pjs or other inappropriate clothes to the airport. Be mindful that the airport is a public place and you never know who you will bump into there (that’s me with Jcole for example!) Plan your outfit around a cute but comfy pair of pants or leggings and try to dress up the outfit with accessories. Since you don’t want to go overboard with the jewelry and risk setting off the metal detectors, opt for a chic scarf or even hats to cover up “plane hair.”

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Francy Answers: What to wear to a casino


Spending the night out on the town can be a lot of fun. However, for some women ensuring the night’s success starts with being selective about what she will wear. Certain activities or venues necessitate a certain manner of dress. Take playing roulette at a casino as an example. This is a particular place that requires a certain level of dress. If this fails to be achieved, it could result in being denied access to the casino. Also, overdressing can make one stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, properly dressing for a casino night is incredibly important.


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Francy Answers: How to transition your dresses into Fall/Autumn

dresses in the fal

Dear Francy,
I’m more of a dress and skirt kind of girl and now that the weather is getting colder, I was wondering if you have any tips for how to wear dresses in the Fall. This is my first Fall up north and I’m nervous about the transition. Thanks so much!

1. Tights are your best friend. Don’t even attempt to wear a dress without tights (or a similar contraption for those into retro guarders and things) once the weather starts to get chilly. For some ladies the thought of wearing tights and stockings may cause them to conjure up images of their mother (or even grand mother) but these accessories are definitely not a thing of the past. These days tights come in thousands of styles, looks, and forms: all perfect for younger (and older) generations alike.


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