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tumblr_lormcnYwNr1qcsvgjo1_500Call me crazy, but there’s nothing more I love than being on a plane and flying. My favorite part is when I hear the engines start to bellow as I’m pushed back into my seat and outside, I see the rest of the world becoming smaller and smaller as I accelerate forward and upward, escaping the earth and soaring the sky. Yes, takeoff. Although I do love flying, it’s all fun and games until someone’s gotta get there beauty on. Here’s a few tips I’ve learned to keep you feeling and looking great during your travels.  (more…)


DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Ideally during the summer you want to wear as little makeup as possible but sometimes it’s hard to go completely bare. I’ve taken to making my own custom tinted moisturizer during the summer months by using this quick and simple DIY. It gives me the sheer coverage that I want without feeling heavy on my face like a normal foundation. The best part? It doesn’t require buying any new products! You can use any foundation of moisturizer of your choosing to create this DIY tinted moisturizer. I personally like to use my Clinique Stay Matte Foundation mixed with either my oil control lotion or my radiant primer for a “glowy bronzy” look.

Items you’ll need:

  • Face Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Brush or Sponge



Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.23.24 PM
Bigger is better, right? For NYX’s Jumbo Eye Pencils, that’s definitely true. If you haven’t tried these sticks of glory, you’re missing out! Although all the shades are amazingly jaw-dropping, I’ll be talking about all the ways you can use the jumbo eye pencil in Milk. Using a white eye pencil? Yes, using a white eye pencil. (more…)

Trend To Try: Rihanna’s Sleek Red Carpet Ponytail

Rihanna's Red Carpet Hair

Motions Celebrity Stylist Ursula Stephen created a simple sleek look for Rihanna this past Sunday as she graced the Red Carpet. Ursula was inspired to create a look that was clean and simple to accompany Rihanna’s sleek suit. Steal Rihanna’s style with these step by step instructions from celebrity Stylist Ursula herself.

How to:

  1. Start with clean, air dried hair
  2. Flat iron medium sections of hair from root to half-way down the hair shaft, focusing on the edges. Wrap a small piece of hair around the base of the ponytail to disguise the elastic
  3. Gather hair into a pony tail and secure with an elastic band. Tame flyaways with a light hold spritz and a brush
  4. Finish with Motions Light Hold Working Spritz for hold and Motions Indulgent Oil Spray for shine
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How to Update Your Makeup Bag this Summer

If I ever needed a reason to go out and buy more makeup, creating a few fun new looks for the summer season is definitely a good one! Summer colors are so much fun to have in your makeup bag and it only takes a few products to create the perfect summer look. So, here are a few quick tips on how to update your makeup bag for the summer season.

  1. Invest in the SPF: I will always, always, always recommend using products with SPF in them, especially in the summer. My first pick for updating your summer look would be a BB cream with SPF in it. BB creams are much lighter than other types of foundation and have many other benefits including essential anti-oxidants and helping to keep skin healthy and beautiful. If you’re going out and buying your first BB cream ever, I recommend the Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm, for only $34. This product provides great coverage in the summer without feeling too heavy. Most days I will only need to use this product and some lipstick and I’m ready for the day. Definitely a great product to start your summer season update.nakedskinBBcream
  2. Get Glowing: To achieve the most incredible summer glow I have a few product ideas that are sure to be crowd pleasers this season. The first is the Hoola Bronzing Powder by Benefit for only $26. Lately, I have been having a fantastic obsession with Benefit products and their Hoola bronzer is easily the best bronzer I have tried in a very long time. This product adds just the perfect amount of color to your cheeks and great for someone who is just learning how to contour.hoolabybenefit
  3. Pretty in Pink Cheeks: Summer is the season when I really love to experiment with my blushes and liven up my cheeks. Whenever I use the Crush on Blush Palette by Smashbox I get so many compliments because this palette is summer perfection. The colors are perfect for someone like me who loves to switch up their look a lot. This palette includes gorgeous orange and coral colors that really enhance your bronzer. This product is a must-have at only $45, but it is a limited edition so head to the store fast and pick one up before they are gone!crushonblushpalette
  4. Alluring Lips: To get the perfect lip to finish off any look is totally simple this summer. Head over to your local drugstore and pick up any of the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks. These shades are made to last through dinner, drinks and days at the beach without feathering or smearing out. Although all these colors are amazing, for your new summer look I recommend trying either Gladiolus or Marigold for only $8 a tube. Crazy, I know.revlonHDlipstick

With these easy additions to your summer makeup routine you are sure to impress all season long. Let us know if you liked these products by leaving a comment below! Have a great summer!




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DIY Tinted Lip Balm

DIY tinted Lipgloss

As a lover of all things DIY and lip products, I decided to tackle the idea of making my own tinted lip balm at home! After doing some research I found that I could be saving myself over $30 by taking a few minutes and creating my own lip products. This is one of the simplest (and most fun!) DIY projects I have done so here are my tips for creating your own signature shade of tinted lip balm at home!

What you will need:

  • Microwave safe bowl
  • Spoon
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Your choice of food coloring
  • A small container for your finished product


How to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for the Summer Season

bedroom banner

The time has finally (seriously though, finally!) come to break out the bikinis and flip flops because summer has officially arrived. With all this sunshine and happiness going around, it’s time to spread a little happy to your bedroom. Giving your room a little summer makeover is always a good idea! We’re not talking complete overall, just a few easy tips to make your room feel a little more sunny.

1. First things first, you have to de-clutter. Go through all of your shelves, dressers and maybe even your closet and get rid of the things that are hiding in those nooks and crannies. Toss what you don’t need and pack away things that you will be saving for those rainy days. Another great tip is to use this time to dust and really clean anything you haven’t done for a while.

2. Now for the fun part, decorating! A very easy way to brighten up your room for the summer is to add a new set of brightly colored curtains. Choose a curtain that has sheer fabric and isn’t too heavy, and pick a fun color or pattern. These easy breezy add-ons can be easily found at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond.

3. Another fun way to give your bedroom new life this summer is to get rid of those heavy quilts and duvets and get yourself a new comforter. It’s amazing just how much this one piece changes a room. In addition to your new comforter, get some small throw pillows that match your new curtains. These little gems will help tie your entire room together! And, again, just head over to Target or Bed Bath and Beyond to find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. My last tip is to go out and buy your favorite flowers and put them in your room. Fresh flowers are sure to bring the happy! Keep your windows open and let the sun shine on your fabulous new room all summer long!

Let us know how these ideas worked for you by leaving a comment below. Hopefully, you will be enjoying your fresher and brighter room all season long. Happy summer!



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DIY Summer Nail Designs

Summer is almost here (although it doesn’t feel like it in New York) so why not start it off right will a fresh new manicure. But who needs a nail salon when you can achieve amazing nails at home and save your money for that bikini you have been eyeing all season long! I have found some super simple nail designs that even beginners can rock this summer season, so grab some polish and get started!

Rainbow Spotted Nails:

summer nails

This nail design looks very detailed and intricate but you can achieve this look in under 20 minutes if you can keep a steady hand! Simply begin by applying a coat (or two! Whichever you prefer!) of white nail polish and allow a few minutes to fully dry. Then line up your favorite bright, summery colors and grab a few toothpicks. Gently dip the toothpick into your bright colors and apply small dots of color throughout your nail. Continue creating dots until you have achieved your desired look. Allow the dots to dry completely and top it off with a little clear coat and you’re all set! Summer nail perfection! (more…)

How to Conceal Under Eye Circles


There is nothing more frustrating than waking up to find that your under eyes have been very unforgiving. Of course, everyone wants to wake up and look impossibly fresh, concealing the fact that you only had about two hours of sleep. (Finals and the best night ever with friends will do that to you!) Concealing those pesky circles and discoloration under your eyes can be a pain, but there are some simple tips that make this process so much simpler.

  1. The first trick that I absolutely swear by is using a frozen spoon to shrink any puffiness under your eyes. It is a simple part of my morning routine and all I do is quickly throw a spoon into the freezer for about 10 to 15 minutes and then apply the back of it to the circles under my eyes. Leave the spoon there until it is no longer cold to the touch and the puffiness will drastically go down.
  2. Next is applying your concealer. Choosing the right concealer and knowing your skin is very important for achieving a natural look. You want to choose a light cream concealer and stay away from products that would dry out your skin. A perfect product to try without break the bank is the Fit Me Concealer by Maybelline. This product is very light and a perfect jumping off point for concealer beginners. Already a concealing pro? Try the MAC Mineralize Concealer for a clean and fresh look.
  3. Setting your product is another important step in achieving your impossibly fresh look. Simply set your concealer using a small amount of translucent powder and you’re ready to take on your day!

These simple steps are easy enough to add to your everyday routine and create a flawless face. Let us know in the comments below how these products and tips worked for you!




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