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How to Choose the Perfect Eyebrow Products for You

Eyebrow Products

For those of you obsessing over Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows, like I’ve been, you’ve probably been looking for products to help you achieve the perfect eyebrows. While there are many eyebrow products out there, the right one for you will depend on your makeup skill level and time you are willing to commit to your beauty routine. Here are a few simple tips to help you choose your perfect brow products and get some #browsonfleek.


How to Contour and Highlight Your Whole Face


Contour-Dark-Skin-Tones Last week I broke down the best five contour palettes and several people emailed me asking how to actually contour. I have a video tutorial on natural contouring but if you want more of a defined noticeable contour for the whole face than this is the tutorial for you. For this tutorial I used my CoverFx cream contour kit but you can use any contour color or highlight that you already have.

1. Using a contour brush or your finger, apply the contour product, starting from the ear gently blending towards the direction of your mouth stopping half an inch before the mouth.

2. Next apply the highlighter directly above your cheekbones going down to the apples of the cheeks.

3. Blend Blend Blend!!!


How to Make your Eyes Look Bigger and Brighter

How-to-Make-your-Eyes-Look-BiggerSomething is just so appealing about big, bright eyes and thankfully, you don’t have to be born with them to achieve them! Be prepared to hear continuous compliments on your eyes after reading these game changing tips!


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How to Keep Your Makeup Long Lasting

In a perfect world, there would be time throughout the day for you to stop and take 10 to 20 minutes to touch up your makeup masterpiece. Back to reality, I sometimes do not even have time to finish the Starbucks I invested in this morning, so I needed to find some tips to make my makeup last all day, zero touch up time. I’m usually running around all day and I don’t have time to worry about what my face looks like. So here we go, my tips and tricks for achieving an all-day flawless face.

  1. Start your day with a good scrub. Before I put on my makeup I always wash my hands and my face. This gives you a clean canvas free of clogged pores and dirt to help make you makeup last. Try to avoid facial cleansers with harsh ingredients, so keep it simple with all natural products or try just using a Dove beauty bar.
  2. Priming is key. Not everyone will agree that spending money on primer is worth it, but those people probably have time for touchups during the day! Using a primer is one of the best ways to make your products last all day. I recommend the Two Faced Primed and Poreless Primer. It’s a bit of a splurge at $30, but a little goes a long way with this product and it will be worth every penny. Not ready to break the bank? A great drugstore face primer is the Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer for only $10.
    two facedrevlon
  3. Take your time when you adding layers. We all know that sometimes getting ready in the morning can be chaotic, but take a breath and remember to let your makeup set before adding more layers. This is a mistake I used to make all the time and I learned that waiting between layers made my makeup less likely to smudge throughout the day. Slow and steady wins the race ladies!
  4. Ready, setting spray, go! I am a big believer in the magic of the setting spray and am so thankful I came across this product. The MAC Prep & Prime Fix + Setting Spray completely locks down your makeup look and helps keeps everything where it’s supposed to be all day long. Again, just one spray goes a long way with this product and for only $22, it is worth the purchase.mac
  5. Keep your hands to yourself. One of the most important tips I can give anyone is to try and not touch your face throughout the day. Your hands bring unwanted dirt and of course the occasional smudge, so keep those hands off.

With these simple tips, you are sure to have your makeup lasting all day long! Leave a comment below and let us know how these tips worked for you!




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Best DIY Tips for a Whiter Smile

As an avid coffee and tea consumer (to the point baristas near my home know me by name) I am sad to admit that my teeth aren’t as white as they use to be. I do not want to spend the money it takes to whiten my teeth professionally, and I’m not willing to give up the caffeine (not yet anyways!) so I’ve been desperately trying to find cheaper alternatives. I’ve tried some over the counter whitening aids with mixed results. So instead I decided to go back to the basics and do some DIY. After searching for hours I found three very inexpensive and simple ways to whiten teeth at home. If you’re anything like me (I’m all about the DIY) then keep reading to find three simple and cheap ways to whiten your teeth at home!


  1. Baking Soda I’ve Got Baking Soda: Ok people, just because it’s an old idea doesn’t mean it won’t do the trick. This remedy I learned from my mom and my grandmother who have both been whitening their teeth like this for years. All you need to do is mix 2 tablespoons peroxide with baking soda until they begin to form a paste. Add this to a damp toothbrush and gently brush your teeth for about 2 minutes. Be careful to avoid your gums, otherwise your will be whitening those too! Rinse your toothbrush well and then brush your teeth with your clean toothbrush for an additional 2 minutes. Lastly, rinse your mouth out with warm water and then follow with mouthwash. Smile and reveal visibly whiter teeth! *Important tip with this remedy: Do not use the same toothbrush that you use every day. This remedy should only be used about 2 or 3 times per month.1_apple-cider-vinegar-for-acne-prone-skin
  2. Apples Keep the Dentist Away?: For this super simple at home treatment all you need is about a capful of apple cider vinegar and a toothbrush, again be sure not to use your toothbrush that you are using every day. Dip your toothbrush into the vinegar and brush your teeth for about 2 minutes. Rinse your toothbrush and then brush them again for another minute and then rinse your mouth with warm water. Follow with a quick rinse of mouthwash and you’re all set! Remember to only use this remedy once a week so you don’t ruin the enamel on your teeth.peeled-banana
  3. Go Bananas!: My final and favorite DIY teeth whitening trick is one that your friends will absolutely not believe when you tell them how your teeth are so perfectly white. Take the inside of a banana peel and rub it along all of your teeth and then follow with your normal brushing routine. And that’s it! (I promise!) Since this remedy is all natural, feel free to use it every day.


These remedies will give you movie star white teeth at a fraction of the price. Leave a comment below or tag #FancyFrancy in a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter showing us how well these tips worked for you!

Do you have any at home DIY tricks for teeth whitening?




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The Best Ways to Reorganize Your Closet

Your closet. Whether you love it or hate it, it could definitely use a little love this spring. For those of us who have a shoe addiction and an overstuffed closet comparable to Carrie Bradshaw’s, your closet could use a lot of love. Spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to reorganize your closet and I have some great tips to help you through the clutter.


  1. First things first, I recommend enlisting help whenever you decide to tackle your closet. You need someone who is going to remind you that no, you do not still need that shirt from high school and you cannot hang on to those shoes you wore one time and will never wear again. Your closet needs some tough love. Some items have just got to go, especially if they don’t fit into one of these three categories.
  2. Next, invest in high quality hangers that all match. Although this may seem like an odd tip, you want your closet to look and feel clean and organized. Matching hangers is the finishing touch that your closet needs to seem perfectly put together.
  3. If you really want to give your closet an overhaul, I recommend checking out additional shelving and drawers to be added to your closet. These additions will absolutely give your closet a professional look that will make you (and your closet!) the envy of all your friends.
  4. Once steps 1-3 are all checked off, you’re ready to begin. Start by going through all of your clothing and decide what you want to keep and what you would like to donate or sell. This is where the tough love comes into play: if you haven’t worn an item of clothing in a year, it’s time to retire it. If something doesn’t fit or isn’t your style anymore then why hang on to it? This step will take the longest so play some music and have fun reliving the memories that fill your closet.
  5. Now you’re ready for the reorganization. Hang up the rest of your clothing on those new matching hangers. Be sure that everything has a place and that everything needs to stay in that place from now on. Have a section just for dresses, a section for pants, and a section for tops and so on. My tip for organizing your shoes is by designer or by color, whichever appeals to you most.
  6. Lastly, you can take a step back, admire your hard work and start filling those empty hangers. Check out the latest trends here at Fancy Francy and have fun creating a new style for yourself. After working so hard reorganizing your closet, you deserve to splurge a little. Carrie Bradshaw said it best, “I like my money right where I can see it – hanging in my closet.”

Leave a comment below and let us know how these tips and tricks worked for you! Or tag us in a photo on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that shows how fabulous your freshly organized closet looks. Good luck!




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How to Make Your Lipstick Last


Alright, honesty time people. One of my biggest frustrations with my makeup routine is when I spend lots of time applying lipstick, only to look in the mirror a few hours later and realize that is has faded, feathered or just doesn’t look perfect anymore. After months of being fed up with this issue, I decided to do some research and of course ran to Sephora in search of a remedy to my problem. Thankfully I found some amazing tips that are simple and can easily be added to your daily makeup routine. Keep reading to learn my tips and tricks to make your lipstick last through dinner, drinks and everything else in between!

  1. Start with smooth, supple lips. Anytime you start your lipstick routine you want to make sure there is no dead skin hanging around or that your lips are cracked or chapped. Start off by applying a lip primer like MAC’s Prep + Prime to get lips in perfect condition. Another odd but simple trick to remedy this is to take a soft bristle toothbrush and gentle buff off any dead skin you may have. After your lips are buffed and beautiful, apply a light layer of your favorite moisturizing lip balm.
  2. Concealer, for your lips? No need for a double take, I said concealer and I definitely swear by this step. I recommend applying a thin layer of cream concealer to your lips. The concealer will act as a primer and also cancels out the natural color of your lips so the true color of your lipstick can shine through. Allow the concealer a moment to set and then you’re ready for all the ever-important lip liner.
  3. Lining your lips. The next step is to apply your lip liner. Choose a shade that pairs well with your lipstick of choice and line your little hearts out! Now, if you’re a little out of practice with lip liner like I am, try a colorless clear liner like Sephora’s Universal Lip Liner. The universal lip liner is a clear wax pencil you apply just like any other lip liner, but since it goes on clear you don’t have to worry if you make mistakes! My mouth literally dropped after the makeup artist at Sephora introduced me to this product.
  4. Add color and blot. The last step is to apply your lipstick of choice and then simply take a tissue and blot to remove any excess color. If you really want to see long lasting color from your lipstick, splurge a little and invest in a quality brand known for long lasting lipstick like Stila’s Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick.


Now that your lipstick is all set to take on the day, you can rest easy when you pucker up for your selfies that your lipstick is perfectly on pout point.

Leave a comment below and let us know how these tips and tricks worked for you!




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How To Get Longer Looking Lashes

Eyelashes. Where would we be without them? When voluminous and long, they complete a full face of makeup or are just a nice touch to a naked face kind of day. Although I have no super essential mascara preference, I am currently loving Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced and Maybelline’s Colossal. With family and friends convinced I wear fake lashes (I don’t), I have some great tips to share with you to get your eyelashes looking amazing.Capture

1) Before you start coating your lashes like usual, apply mascara to the top of your lashes. So many people skip this step and it’s seriously a life changer! It makes your eyelashes look like you just put on a pair of fake lashes. Just be careful not to put too much or else it will start to get clumpy.

2) When applying your mascara, start from the root of your lashes and work up. Make sure to wiggle your brush for the best results. Wiggle and shimmy like there’s no tomorrow, chica!

3) Curl your lashes. Use an eyelash curler or if you’re like me and don’t own one, use your fingers. After coating your lashes, wait about 1-2 minutes, and press your lashes up with your fingers. It works wonders and you can totally tell the difference!

4) Now, this tip might sound a little weird, but trust me on this one! Apply a coat of mascara and then a light amount of pressed powder onto your lashes. After, apply more mascara. This will keep the mascara from flaking and make them look fuller and thicker.

5) Massage your eyelids around your lash line. It stimulates growth and gets you longer lashes in no time. Not only does this work for eyelashes, but hair too. Massaging your scalp or even brushing your hair works wonders. My hair would always grow so slow, but ever since I started brushing my hair like a crazy woman two years ago, it grows like wildfire! I love it (except when it comes to retouching my roots)!

6) Eat! Eating healthy and getting all the vitamins you need to keep healthy is essential for hair growth. An important trace element you should keep in mind is silicon. It promotes hair growth and it keeps you healthy. Silicon is found in asparagus, cucumbers, green beans, olives, rice, and oats.


3 DIY Simple Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Let’s face it, when you use your makeup brushes every day there comes a point when they could definitely use a little TLC. Don’t worry, no judgments here because we have all been there! Luckily, we have some simple and inexpensive tips to help restore your brushes to their former glory.

1. Our first simple and easy way to clean your favorite makeup brushes is to use a bar of soap. Of course not just any bar of soap will do, we recommend a bar of unscented Dove soap because it does not contain the harsh ingredients that other bars do and it also contains conditioners and moisturizers that will help keep the bristles of your brushes soft. Simply wet your Dove Beauty bar under the faucet and then wet the bristles of your makeup brush. Be extra careful not to totally submerge your makeup brush in water, because if you get water into the barrel of your brushes your bristles could begin to fall out. Eek! We definitely wouldn’t want that! Simply massage the bristles of your brush onto the Dove bar and gently rinse them off. Shape your brushes back into your desired shape and then lay them flat on a towel to dry overnight.


2. If our last method didn’t quite strike your fancy, try these easy steps to get your brushes fabulous and fluffy again. Just mix 1 ½ cups warm water, 1 Tbsp. of diluted baby shampoo, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in a small dish. All you need to do is scrub off any old makeup, rinse well, shape and then lay flat to dry.


3. Our last tip for cleaning your makeup brushes is also our simplest. Fill your sink about ¼ of the way with warm water and add Ology’s Lavender Pure Castile Multi-Purpose soap (you can easily find this product at your local drugstore). Mix the soap around with your hands until you see suds beginning to form and you’re ready to begin cleaning. Use your fingers to scrub off the makeup and then rinse well. Just like our other steps, form into your desired shape and lay flat to dry.


With these easy steps, your brushes will be as soft and perfect as the first day you bought them. Not into DIY? You can also purchase ready made brush cleaners like the Sephora brand daily brush cleanser or this MAC brush cleanser. What you choose to do, just remember to try and deep clean your brushes at least once or twice a month to help keep your skin radiant and clear. Happy cleaning!

Comment below and let us know how you keep your makeup brushes clean?!



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