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The Slip in the City

How to Wear a Slip Dress in Fall

Slip Dress // Shirt // Booties

Since I first moved to New York, one thing has remained the same… Soho is my favorite neighborhood. There’s something about the atmosphere there that always reminds me why I fell in love with New York in the first place. So naturally when people ask for suggestions, I always tell them to visit Soho! Keep reading to find out why.

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Fashion in the News: Forever 21 Launches Deeper Discount Store F21 Red

forever21storeIf you follow fashion news (or the buzz on budget blogs) you’ve been anticipating for a few weeks now Forever21’s new even lower priced store, F21 Red. The concept behind F21 Red is said to be providing basics at deeper discounted prices (as if Forever21 wasn’t cheap enough). The first F21 Red store officially launched this past Saturday in the Azalea Shopping Center just outside of Los Angeles, California. Prices have been reported ranging from $1.80 (camisoles) up to $7.80 for denim. Forever 21 hasn’t yet announced any plans to roll out more F21 Red stores and appears to be using this first store to test the market.

Interestingly enough, this new store comes just as other retail chains also are working on possible lower priced stores such as J Crew’s “Mercantile” and Abercrombie and Fitch’s plan to change Hollister to a cheaper fast fashion brand.

Comment below and share your thought on this new store? Are you excited to see an even more budget friendly version of Forever 21? 

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Phillip Lim for Target Collection Launch

The Phillip Lim for Target collection is launching online and in stores today as most designer collab enthusiast are already well aware of. As a precursor to the launch, Target held a “Phillip Lim for Target” collection party in Manhattan last week. I was there to view the collection (and the mayhem) and survived to tell about it.


By the time I got inside the party around 8pm, the clothing racks had seem seriously ramsacked and the bags were only a whispered rumor. I contemplated picking up the “drop dress” but had to reconsider when I saw the immense line.

phillip lim target 1fancy

As I wondered around trying to get a good look at as many pieces as possible so I could form my plan of attack for when the collection went online, I stumbled across Jessica Alba looking amazing as ever in the “boom print sweatshirt” and navy tuxedo pants.



Overall the event was great and I am really impressed by a lot of items in the collection. Although I have a hunch a lot of the print items are going to be very popular (be ready to see everyone walking around in sweaters that say “boom” soon), I gravitated more towards the solid print/work wear appropriate items.

Phillip Lim for Target #Limsanity Twitter

Saturday night/ early Sunday morning I engaged in #Limsanity with the rest of the twitter world to get all of the pieces I saw and wanted. Through diligent twitter stalking and insomnia I was able to score the following:


How to Shop at an Outlet Mall


Outlet mall shopping can be a fun way to do back to school shopping or just pass away a summer day. For many “fancy frugals” they seem to gleam like an oasis of designer savings in the desert. It’s a day of promised savings, rewarding the dedicated shopper who will find a trove of off-price goods that were sold at luxury retailers—perhaps last season, but who’s counting?

Although this is occasionally still true, over the last few decades, as retailers recognized the profitability of attracting Americans looking for a deal (yes—they will use this great quality about you against you!), they began to build an industry around outlet shopping that is completely separate from their regular business.

That doesn’t mean outlet malls are all bad, it just means you need to be a more informed shopper.

With that in mind, here are some tips from Learnvest to help you make the most of your next outlet mall trip:


Fashion and Technology: Plurro


The only thing better than getting a discount, is getting an even bigger discount. Whenever I shop online or in stores I’m constantly checking to see if I can somehow get an additional percentage off with a discount code or group affiliation discount. If you’re anything like me then Plurro was basically made for you. Plurro helps fancy frugal people like me create their own “cash mob”. Cash mobs are basically group rate discounts given
to groups when they band together with friends, family, and even strangers to get a group rate discount. With a cash mob, you can increase the discount you get at stores by increasing the size of the group.

How it Works:
People download the Plurro app, then find Cash Mobs to join with friends, family, colleagues and other shoppers to increase the discounts they receive.

If the idea of this sounds good to you (and why would it not) you can download the app at and start “mobbin” now. If you live in the NYC area you can also check out the cash mob happening this week at Second Time Around, details below.

Where: Second Time Around, 238 West 72nd Street, New York, NY
When: Thursday, August 1, 2013; 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Who: Anyone can join the Cash Mob using Plurro’s app, available on the Web at and for iPhone in the App Store.
The current discount is guaranteed at 20% off; but if between 25 and 50 people sign on to come to the Cash Mob, the discount will increase to 25%; if 50 or more people sign up, the discount will climb to 30% off.

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Best Drugstore Makeup for Summer

Summer is in full force and for many of us that means: sun, beaches, and a new summer beauty routine. If you haven’t already had to re-think your makeup routine, trust us, you will. Heavy foundations and hot summer rays are long time nemesis and with summer tanning often comes the need for new summer shades. If you want to update your makeup for summer (and still have enough money left over to go out and enjoy the weather), CVS pharmacy is a go to for the newest beauty products at affordable prices.

Here’s my top drugstore makeup picks for summer:


What’s Trending Now: Cropped Turtlenecks {Look for Less Edition}

What"s Trending Now: Look for Less Edition

Save Item: ASOS $14 / Splurge Item: American Apparel $30

Sleeveless turtlenecks in the 90’s were like the shoulder pads of the 80’s, everyone was doing it and no one was quite sure why. Are you trying to keep from catching a cold or are you trying to hide a hickey from your parents a la Full House? What ever the case apparently the 90’s are back… and I’m loving it! All jokes aside I love this trend and can’t wait till mine arrives in the mail. I bought a regular plain old sheer turtle neck from Express last year to wear to work in the winter and to my surprise, I ended up wearing it more than I anticipated. Since the summer I’ve been on the hunt for a cropped sleeveless variety but couldn’t find one anywhere until I finally tracked one down at American Apparel. I liked the look of it but not the price so I held off on buying it. Naturally, I was super pumped when I stumbled upon this one at ASOS yesterday during their Cyber Monday Sale, for less than half the price of the American Apparel one.

Need more convincing? Still not sure about this trend? Check out some of these stylish celebs rocking the trend!


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