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How to Dress Like a Start-up Guy

Startupguy look

Banana Republic recently posted this look book to finally answer the question: what does one wear as a twenty something silicon valley aspiring millionaire. The answer: lots of denim like slacks and jackets without ties. Above are a few standouts from the collection, see the whole thing here and check out Fast Company’s break down here.


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Menswear Monday: Five Point Office Style Plan

From time to time here at Fancy Francy, we like to take a day to help out the fellas, and with 2013 getting into full force and Valentines Day right around the corner, what better time than now to help the boys polish up their look? Since it’s clear to me based off my sometimes melodramatic love life that I don’t speak “guy” or “bro code,”  I decided to enlist the help of one of my stylish guy friends and ask him to share a few tips with the less fashionable members of his species gender. Keep reading today’s guest post to find out the five point office style plan that’s sure to help even the most clueless of guys pull it together this year!

Having a plan is a necessity for success in today’s world. Looking back on 2012, it was a big year for plans in general. We had tax plans, housing plans, and every other type of plan you can think of. Well in the spirit of the great “plan movement” that swept through this year, I’ve taken the liberty of putting together the…*drumroll please*…5-Point Office Style Plan. I know Mitt Romney’s 5-point plan may not have went over too well with the American people, but this plan is one that promises to reach across the aisle and welcomes all guys looking to upgrade their office style without cashing in their 401K.

You don’t have to be able to pronounce Givenchy or keep up with the latest Fashion Week’s trends to follow these steps, just execute the plan and you’ll be climbing that corporate ladder in style in no time.


3 Awesome Menswear tips we learned from the Gap x GQ Collection


If you follow me on twitter (and if you don’t, go ahead and head on to twitter right now and do it), you know that I was really excited about the GQ for Gap line coming out. The Gap x GQ collection officially dropped on September 27th and after checking out the collection (i.e making a shopping list, remembering I don’t have a boyfriend to shop for, then promptly emailing the list to all my guy friends) I found 3 key tips every guy needs to know to look his best this season.


 Gap x GQ Mark McNairy Tech Blazer

1. It’s okay to take your blazer out the office. Okay so maybe your actual blazer you wear to work isn’t as kickass as this one, but metaphorically speaking, it’s cool to keep the blazer on for that party you’re heading to after work, just be sure to drop the tie.

Gap x GQ Saturdays NYC Flat Front Khaki


2. Colored jeans are sticking around for Autumn/Fall. A while back we told you the verdict was in and it was totally fine for guys to hop on the colored jeans bandwagon. Undoubtedly, I’m sure a few of you never got around to buying any new jeans and then forgot all about wanting to get some. The good news is they’re still accepting applications for the colored jeans bandwagon on a rolling basis into Fall. So in case you missed the boat last time, here’s a lifeboat another chance. Just be sure to stick to cool color tones such as the blue khaki pair in the collection.

Gap x GQ BLK DNM Slouch Cardigan

3. Sometimes nice guys DO finish FIRST. The cardigan, aka the nice guy nametag, is actually really hot right now. So go ahead, pick up one, wear it to that coffee shop down the street from your place, and finally ask out that barista you’ve been checking out for weeks. You’ll both be glad you did.



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