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5 Creative Ingredients to Make Your Green Smoothies Better

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are like gummy vitamins, healthiness disguised in something yummy. Although juices are all the rage right now, I still enjoy a nice old school smoothie here and there (not to mention I don’t own a juicer so couldn’t make them at home even if I wanted to). I’m not always the best at watching what I eat (thank God for good genes) but I do make sure to eat healthy food along with my guilty indulgences. So without further ado, here’s five things you can add to your green smoothie recipes that actually taste good and are good for you! (more…)

Fancy Foods: Eating Lean

Lean Cuisine Diet

Getting off and keeping off that last ten pounds of vanity weight that stands between me and the crate of “later clothes” under my bed has been the bain of my existence for the past year.

So in an attempt to get lean before the warm weather finally returns, I decided to do something slightly controversial. I remembered back when I was an intern in New York living in a tiny dorm with no kitchen and no money, I lived off a diet of frozen dinners and free food from events. Fast forward to the end of the summer, my already college lean body was 15 pounds lighter and struggling to keep my pants up on my waist.

So what was the secret?


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Fancy Eats: Three Simple Ways to Lose Weight


As with everything in my life, once I get focused on it, it’s pretty hard for me to stop talking about it to any and everyone. Recently, in the hopes of being able to fit back into my “skinny shorts” I’ve gotten very into watching what I eat, and trying to eat foods that are better for me. After doing this diligently for the past two weeks, I’ve lost 7vanity pounds mainly through making the following easy substitutions.


How to: Pasta Salad Recipe

I was cleaning out my pantry and came across a box of lasagna noodles. It wasn’t enough to make lasagna with but it seemed a shame to waste so I googled recipes for unused lasagna noodles and came across a pasta salad recipe.

This super yummy meal was pretty easy to make. Keep reading to find out how you can make this simple healthy meal!


How to: Salad Jars


Today’s “how to” is a simple salad jar recipe that I found on One Dog Woof.
It’s a healthy lunch perfect for taking to work or school! The best part…it’s super easy to make and can be prepared a few days in advance. Keep reading to see how to make this!


Fancy Food: Fresh Omelet Recipe

Eating fresh and healthier food options doesn’t mean forcing yourself to choke down a salad every day. Keep reading to see my fresh and tasty omelet recipe!


1. 5 Eggs (I like to use cage free and grain feed organic brown eggs)
2. Fresh spinach
3. 1/3 onion diced
4. 1/3 tomatoe diced
5. *optional* 1/4 bell pepper sliced
6. *optional* shredded cheese (to taste)
7.  Sea salt and pepper (to taste)
Recipe yields two omelets

Comment below and let me know your favorite omelet recipe of if you decide to try out this Fresh Omelet recipe!!

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