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Sports wear in the past has been big, baggy, and loose fitting clothing.The sporty look has now taken a different turn to “sport glam.” Today sports wear is seen in leather, sheer, mesh, and many more details. Heels are now even considered in sport glam outfits! Wanting to be sporty, but also chic has become a worldwide trend. Being comfortable is not the first concern; now having the chicest sporty outfit is a must! Sports glam has been seen all over the runway. The sports glam style has a luxurious and sexy feel. Street style look and body- defining silhouettes inspire the sport glam. This new turn for sports glam gives a sophisticated and captivating appeal.




With spring right around the corner and St. Patrick’s Day coming up, what better way to polish up your nail painting skills than with some festive, Irish-themed nails? If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. These designs are easy enough to conquer and you have the luck of the Irish in you!


For the first design, we’re going to start out with the basics. What’s St. Patrick’s Day without some shamrocks? For the base, choose any light nail polish of your choice and apply one or two layers. I prefer CHANEL’s “Frenzy”. Then, take either a tooth pick or dotting tool with any green polish to make the clover. Apply topcoat.

St Patricks Day Clover Nails




For this look, apply two layers of green polish. I love Butter LONDON’s Sozzled since it’s such a beautiful green. I can’t find anything like it! Then, apply a green glitter polish onto your ring finger and using the skills you learned in the first look, add a few silver shamrocks onto your middle finger. Apply topcoat.




For the third and final look, take green, white and gold nail polish and paint accordingly. I am loving Sephora by OPI Only Gold for me at the moment. Use a striper brush to paint horizontal lines on your index finger. To make is easier, place your hand on a table and then move your finger slowly, keeping the brush still. Then, add a four-leaf clover at the tip and apply topcoat and Voila!


Hope you like these designs! Let us know if you try any of these shamrockin’ looks!

Bridal Trends for 2015

Black Bridal Trends 2015

Between the holiday season nuptials and Valentine’s day around the corner, it seems that social media starts to buzz with wedding news every February. Last year we shared the top bridal trends for 2014 and this year we’re sharing even more!

To get the skinny on wedding season early, we decided to ask the experts. We interviewed Sathya and Heather, the bridal geniuses behind the wedding suite site Lakum to find out their favorite upcoming trends. Keep reading to see their favorite bridal trends for 2015.

1. Black and White: We love the pairing of black and white in bridal. For the daring bride, try pairing a gorgeous black and white gown with a stark white bouquet for contrast.

Tea Length Bride2. Tea Length Gowns: This year it’s all about tea length gowns. In the past long flowing gowns were the rule but now bride’s are turning to beautiful ankle baring looks. We love this look because it allows the bride to show off her excellent taste in shoes. Get the look by pairing a simple gown with a strong sexy designer pump.

3. Pops of color: This trend can be in the form of a fun print, trim, or even accessory.

4. Natural Beauty: Unlike years past, this year brides want to showcase their natural beauty. Get the look by opting for neutral tone makeup with a focus on healthy lush skin. Finish off the look with slightly messy, beautiful hair that isn’t overdone. Don’t be afraid to even wear your hair down, not all brides are designed for the updo!)

5. A Suite of Looks: A collection of looks in complimentary styles that make her the star of her own weekend. We love the idea of this because there’s nothing like having a change of looks during your special occasion!

Special thanks to Lakum founders Sathya and Heather for this interview. Lakum is a unique bridal site because they provide the bride to be with a whole suite of mix and match looks for their entire wedding weekend. Want to find out more? Check out their collection here.

Comment below and let me know what you think of these trends? Will you be in a wedding this year?

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Trend to Try: Colored Leather Dresses

Trend to Try-Colored Leather DressesThis trend report may not come as a surprise since leather has been on trend for a few years now. But what may surprise you are the fun colors leather (and faux leather) dresses are being made in this season.
This weekend as you brunch and go out with friends, why not give your winter wardrobe a little color by trying out this trend? We know how to wear dresses even in the winter, so no need to wait till Spring for this trend!
Wanna read more? Head over to Style Bistro to read how celebrities are wearing this trend! You can also shop this trend below!

Comment and let me know your thoughts on this trend, do you plan on wearing it?
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3 Coat Trends to Wear this Winter

Winter Coat Trends 2015 Collage
Wearing a coat can often feel like a (much) necessary evil. All winter long you’re stuck covering up your cute outfits and lugging around an extra heavy layer. Many of us end up buying the default black coat because it “goes with anything”. This year, instead of fading into the sea of black pea coats, why not try standing out with a chic coat in a daring color?
This season blush, leopard, and crimson color coats are all on trend. While they may seem like bold statement coats, they all actually function as neutrals.

Top Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends


As the weather cools off and we put away the tank tops and sandals, it’s time to start thinking about autumn and winter wear. Cool-weather fashion includes coats, scarves, sweaters and… duvet covers? Here is a complete list of AW14 fashion trends to go for this season.


Hair Trend: The “Micro” Bang


Micro bang: a shorter than normal bang/fringe.

The ‘micro bang’ is a bold statement cut that has been seen on celebrities such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. The right amount of texture is key to pull them off,” explains George Gonzalez, owner of George the salon Chicago. “There are a few elements to consider before you take the plunge. If your hairline is dense, a bang like this can look fantastic. With a choppy, short fringe, you also can’t ignore natural cowlicks. If a client has too many, they should consider the amount of work they will need to do daily to smooth them out. Plus, do you feel comfortable accentuating features like your forehead and eyebrows?”

If you think you’re cut for this trend, keep reading to see some do’s and don’ts.

Do: Bring pictures just in case you cannot find what you want in the salon magazines.

Don’t: Go too short. It is best to start gradually cutting. Your stylist can always take more off.

Do: Sit and discuss your hair before you get sent back to get shampooed. Make sure your stylist connects with you and understands your needs. Don’t be afraid to say “no” that’s not what I mean. It is a stylist’s responsibility to understand your language and what you are describing when it comes to your hair, especially for a drastic cut like this.

Personally, this trend isn’t up my alley but I think it can look good on people if done right.


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Must Have Monday: Fall Hats


If you live on the east coast, then you probably woke up Sunday morning and got Mother Nature’s memo that Fall is officially here. With that comes the need for more layers and accessories to keep warm in the chilly months ahead.

But of all the Fall weather accessories, one stands “heads” above the rest. This season the wide brim hat is all the rage. For a couple of years now wide brim hats have been pretty popular, holding down the 2nd spot after the beanie. But unlike before, the wide brim has taken the number one spot as “the must-have” hat.
Personally, I love wearing my hat has it gives every outfit an extra “boost” of style. Looking to try it out? Check out more hat inspiration below.


Five Nail Trends for Fall 2014




Last Fall we showed you the best five colors for your Fall time manis. This year we wanted to switch things up a bit by showing you Fall trends.

1.Nude: Simple and classic pale pinks or matte peach polishes, the simpler the nail the bigger the impact. Sophisticated sheer pinks or peach tones set the tone for clean and classy. Pale and powdery colors are matching falls color of powdery fabrics.


2.The Dark Side: Fall 2014 also brings dark alluring colors such as deep dark blues, smokey greys and moss green. They seduce us with a deeply enigmatic palette of the dark side of beauty this fall.


3.Jewel Toned: Metallic polishes like gold and silver make nails shine all night long. Earth tones like stone gray and sand are great neutrals with flair.


4.Classic Red: The classic red nail receives a bit of an update with a darker tone to it; think somewhere between red wine and tomato red.


5.Simple Designs: Half moon manicures and rhinestone appliques live on in the nail art world. The slightest design can make an even stronger statement like a single stripe of black polish placed off-center or polka dots. Graphic prints and busy designs are a favorite for street style.


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