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Monday Motivation: The Shine Theory


I was all set to discuss makeup with you all today, when a friend shared this amazing article with me from NYMag, discussing the “Shine Theory”. After reading it, I knew it would be a disservice to my readers and fellow woman if I didn’t do my part to share the key points of this theory with others.

So what’s the “Shine Theory”?:

When you meet a woman who is intimidatingly witty, stylish, beautiful, and accomplished; instead of immediately hating her and tearing her apart in your mind befriend her.

Here’s a few reasons why this theory totally works (and why you should immediately adopt it into your own life):

– The Associative property of awesomeness: People know you by the company you keep.
We’ve all heard the saying that birds of a feather flock together, if you want to improve something about yourself, a great way to do so is by friending woman who are already doing/ have knowledge about that area. Take for example celebrity friends Beyonce and Kelly Rowland. Kelly Rowland’s association with megastar Beyonce doesn’t make her any less of an artist, on the contrary it actually makes her shine more.

True confidence is infectious.
Positivity attracts positivity. Rather then feeling an internal competition with other woman, see them as fellow cohorts and congratulate them on their accomplishments. By being happy for others it allows others to be happy for you.


Summer Skincare Must-Haves

Today I have a guest post written by Molly on summer beauty tips, since I myself battle with keeping oil and sweat at bay during this time of year, I am especially excited to share her tips.
Summer Skincare Must-Haves
Summer is now in full swing; it’s time for bathing suits, swimming pools, BBQ’s, beach trips, and all that fun stuff we associate with the hottest season of the year. However, your skin needs some extra care during this time of year, whether you have oily skin, dry, or somewhere in between.

First, we all know the most important aspect of summer skincare is protection. Harsh UVA and UVB rays can not only burn and give us a lobster-y look for a few days, but it can also cause severe sun damage to our cells and give us wrinkles, brown spots, and other unattractive side effects.
Next, you may need to change up your cleansing and exfoliating routine for summer. Some of us get really oily in the humidity, while dry air conditioning complete parches the skin of others. If you’re super oily, a good salicylic acid wash can help immensely, while dry-skinned ladies can benefit from a moisturizing wash. And of course, exfoliation is key to remove buildup and reveal fresh skin. An exfoliating scrub can work wonders, but microdermabrasion gets you some serious exfoliating action. This spa treatment is now available online at retailers like ShopNBC, where you can get microdermabrasion at home kits, masques, and cleansers. This process goes beyond simple exfoliation to really slough away dead, dry skin or oily buildup, and can reduce acne scars and fine lines, too. However, it’s not for everyone, especially those with super sensitive skin.
Finally, it may be time to test out some new products to see if they fit into your summer regimen. One type of skincare product that is currently all the rage in beauty magazines is the essence – a facial product with a watery consistency that you press into skin with your fingertips. It’s thought that the texture and method of application helps absorb ingredients more quickly, so that your skin is immediately hydrated and nourished. (Check out the linked article above for an Elle magazine review). Essences contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals, but can also be quite pricey. You can check out a popular brand, SK-II, right here.  Since essences are relatively new on the beauty scene, it would be wise to go to your favorite department store’s beauty counter or to Sephora, Ulta, etc. to check them out and do your research.
Whatever you do for summer skincare (or any time of the year, for that matter), it’s important to take good care of yourself by drinking plenty of water and eating well.  It’s great for your body, and it will show in your skin as well. So eat, drink, and be merry – and don’t forget your sunscreen!


Comment below and let me know what your summer beauty must haves are and if you enjoyed today’s guest post by Molly!


Summer Scentz Giveaway

I am happy to announce my second ever giveaway, as a thank you to all my amazing readers and subscribers! This giveaway is being sponsored by the boutique Scentz and Scentzability (to learn more about this amazing fragrance company read my blog post here). They are giving away a FULL SIZE fragrance from their collection ($50 value) to one of my lucky readers. The giveaway is open internationally and will close on July 20th 2012. 

The rules are simple…

1.  Like Fancy Francy’s facebook fan page.

  Like the Scentz and Scentzability fan page. (Both of which can be done through rafflecopter below.)

 Additional entries will be awarded for following Fancy Francy on twitter or google friend connect.

2. Must be 18 years or older to enter or have parent/guardian consent.

4. The winner of this contest will be chosen through rafflecopter with the use of 

5. Contest Ends July 20th 2012. Open internationally.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below! Good luck to everyone!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Current Crush

Untitled #46

For this week’s current crush, I decided to try out a new format and give you all insight into what I’m crushing on in the three major areas that I make purchases: electronics, beauty, and apparel. I think that by breaking it down into these three categories you will get more of a glimpse into my personal likes and taste. 

 Crush #1: Okay so technically an iPhone case is not an electronic item but it goes on top of my most prized electronic device – of the moment – so I think it still counts. I came across these spiked iPhone cases a few months ago after seeing someone I watch on YouTube with one. I was instantly in love and was surprised to find

very few major retail stores in the US carrying them. With an average price tag of about $50 they are not terribly expensive, but are a bit above my college student/recent grad budget, hence why it’s still on the crush list and not on my iPhone :( 

 Crush #2: I love when my nails are done but I hate painting them or getting a manicure done at a nail salon because the polish never last more than a week and I always smudge at least one fingernail (don’t ask me how, it’s a “gift” I guess lol). 

 Crush #3: So I have a rule when it comes to major trends (think colored jeans this season, maxi dresses last spring, and rompers the spring before that) I only allow myself to purchase one item in that trend. From my experience, when something is an uber-trend, it’s usually not something that I am going to want to wear seasons later (for example I refuse to wear rompers, I don’t care how cute they are, I just don’t want to wear them). Which is why last year I limited myself to one maxi dress purchase, which I barely wore because it was such a statement dress. This spring my mouth has been literally watering over simple, chic, and comfy maxi dresses. So… I broke my rule and purchased two more last week, it’s okay…I won’t tell if you don’t 😉 

Comment below and let me know if you like this new format or prefer the old less structured current crush lists, also let me know what’s on your “current crush list”!!!

Fancy Francy Featured: Blog Love Therapy Blog Critique

I’m happy to announce that Fancy Francy is being featured this week on Blog Love Therapy’s weekly Blog Critique! Blog Love Therapy was gratuitous enough to allow me to receive feedback on my blog from fellow bloggers. To check out the feature and provide me with constructive criticism on please click here!

 PS. If you haven’t already, please enter my giveaway :) !!!


Francy’s First Giveaway!!

I’m super excited to announce my first giveaway! I wanted to do it when I reached 50 subscribers but it happened during final exam time so I was living in the library and didn’t have time to organize it. Now that I am at over 70 I want to show my appreciation to all of my subscribers by doing my first giveaway. The item will be one of the *brand new* collar style necklaces I recently purchased from H&M (here’s an example below until I have time to take actual pictures of the necklace) In addition, I will also be giving away the denim Madewell tote bag I received at the Denim a thon event!

**It will be either this necklace pictured below or a similar one from H&M!!


The rules are simple…

1. Must be a subscriber to through google friend connect (there is a  blue follow button on the right toolbar, it’s free and only requires an email address, you don’t have to have a “blogger” account!)

2. Follow Fancy Francy on Twitter at or like the facebook page at

3. Must be 18 years or older to enter or have parent/guardian consent.

4. The winner of this contest will be chosen with the use of Comment on this post to be assigned a number and a random number will be selected as the winner.

5. Contest Ends May 30th 2012. Open internationally.

Be sure to check back to the post for updated pictures. Also comment below and let me know if you have any questions.


Current Crush: ID Bracelets

Lately I’ve been crushing on adorable ID bracelets. Maybe it’s because I lost my ID for like two weeks and suffered feeling like a non person for that time (I couldn’t partake in any 21 and over activities). Although I finally found it (in my car after I already paid for a replacement one of course) I still love this new trend. My favorite is pictured below (hint hint for those looking for a graduation gift for me). It’s somewhat a cheat since it’s not a typical ID bracelet, but I’m pretty sure it still counts.


Check out some of my other top picks and comment below to let me know if this is a look you plan to wear :)

ID Bracelets

Vince Camuto rhodium jewelry
$45 –

Ann Dexter Jones gold bangle
$3,000 –

Ann Dexter Jones onyx jewelry
$2,800 –

Engraved jewelry
$90 –

Maison Martin Margiela brass bangle
$425 –

Max Chloe evil eye jewelry
$49 –

Irene Neuwirth diamond jewelry
$2,885 –


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