Francy Answer’s: What to wear on your birthday

Dear Fancy Francy,
I need some serious fashion advice. My birthday is coming up at the end of this month and I have no idea what to wear!!! I’m thinking that I want to have a dinner at my apartment or go out to dinner with close friends and then go to the hookah bar after so I’m looking for something that isn’t overly dressy, but super cute and stylish. I want to look chic. Any suggestions on dresses, nice blouses, accessories??? I’m a little cheap so hopefully something reasonably priced. I think I want a dress that’s flowy and would go really well with black or light brown wedges. Maybe even a dress where it’s short in the front and long in the back….seems like this is a trending style…not sure what those dresses are called. I don’t want black because it’s boring. What do you think of royal blue or purple? What type of material should I consider? Please help a clueless girl out!! Thanks.
Looking forward to your response!
Sincerely (a girl who’s clueless about fashion),
First Happy Birthday in advance!! Although you call yourself “clueless about fashion”, it sounds like you have some good ideas already on what to wear for your birthday.
I personally am a big fan of dresses. I love wearing dresses because they are super easy, you just have to throw them on and you’re done! I started a tradition back in high school that every year I purchase a “birthday dress” ahead of time for my special day.
Since you want something a little more casual, I think a great option for you would be a drop hem/ mullet dress (that’s those dresses that are short in the front and longer in the back) in a fun color like royal blue (which is a color that is really on trend right now). I’m obsessed with chiffon still (I think it’s officially a problem now that I realize I don’t really own any cotton shirts anymore) and I think that a nice flowy dress would be perfect for your birthday. I picked out a few options below, all of which I think would be great for the evening you described and would work with either the black or brown wedges, and are budget friendly!! As far as accessories go, depending on which dress you pick, I would probably opt for one nice statement piece (like a chunky necklace or statement ring), simple elegant earrings and chic clutch purse. (For examples of statement jewelry check out this post, and to see some example of clutches check out this post). Hope this helped!! Be sure to comment back on the post after your big day to let us know how it went!
Royal Blue Drop Hem

Tube dress

Ashleigh Hi Low Dress Blue



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