How to Wear Color in the Fall/Autumn

3 Ways to Wear Color in the Fall

Summer might be gone but that doesn’t mean you have to pack away your bright colors as well. As we head towards autumn and eventually winter, adding pops of vibrant color is one way to still keep your outfits crisp and fresh. The great thing about bright colors  is that they can be blended with white fashion items so that the outfit doesn’t become overwhelming. Keep reading to learn my three tips on keeping your outfit bright and colorful for Fall.

Use Colorful Accessories

Even the most dull and simple of outfits can be improved by adding some colorful accessories to it. It doesn’t need to stay dull and boring. It can be turned into something magnificent and eye-catching with a few little tweaks and additions. As the weather gets colder, scarves and gloves can be great sources of color in an outfit.

But that’s not the only kind of accessory that can bring you some color. You should also think about big, chunky necklaces and how they can make an outfit brighter and more vibrant. Handbags are vital as well. You can buy handbags wholesale from some retailers if you want the best deals.

Employ Prints

Prints are really useful. They don’t just look good by themselves; they can inspire an entire outfit. Here’s how you can arrange an entire outfit around one printed fashion item. First of all, you find a great item with a print that you love. And then you look at what’s included in the print and break it down. Once you’ve broken down the pattern and colors of the print, you need to find other items that could work with it. For example, if you have a scarf with red, blue and white spots on it, you could use these colors for the basis of your whole outfit. You could wear a blue and white dress and throw on a red coat.


Fall Back on Black & White

When you’re not sure what else to wear, there’s always black and white style items to fall back on. Black and white can add a sense of elegance, class and style. It’s the kind of style that never goes out of fashion, so don’t rule it out. It doesn’t have to be dull and boring though; you can complement it with a splash of color.

When you’re wearing black and white colors or prints, it helps to make those small, colorful details stand out better than ever before. You could wear a black and white dress with a colorful scarf, for example. It’s a small change to the outfit, but it could make a huge impact on how it looks.


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