What’s Trending Now: Lady and the Vamp {Vampy Lipsticks}

What's Trending Now: Vampy Lipsticks


It’s not enough that we read the whole Twlight series and had to be first in line at the Breaking dawn movie premiere, now we want to look like them too?? Vampires haven’t had such a good few years since.. actually since never.
But on a more serious note (since we all know fashion and beauty is just about as serious as it gets) the vampy lipstick trend is huge right now, just in time for the Autumn/ Winter season.
Like this trend? Shop the look below to get your “vamp on’. Also be sure to comment below and let me know if you plan to rock this trend or not!
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Must Have Monday: Leather Panel Leggings

Trying to find the perfect fitting pair of leather pants is like trying to find the illegibly written toy at the top of a kid’s Christmas list … the salesperson swears she knows what you’re trying to describe and that it definitely DOES exist, but neither of you seemed to have ever actually seen one (at least not in real life). I love my leather panel leggings because they give the same basic look as leather pants but without the terrible awkward random bunching and overall ill fit on me. I purchased mine a year or two ago and since then it has been almost impossible to find another pair like them that have realistic vegan leather (you know, not that shinny plasticy looking crap). I had all but given up hope of ever finding a suitable replacement for my ripping at the seams leather leggings until this past weekend. Fellow blog friend Nicole showed up to an event wearing pants almost identical to mine. Instead of being enraged and “accidently spilling a cocktail on them” as I usually would do in a situation like this, I was literally ecstatic to find a leggings “twinsy”. The best part… she had just gotten her pants that week and so they were still in stock!!! I guess some fashion nightmares have happy endings after all.


In love with this look too or currently craving something else? Comment below and let me know what’s on your “Monday must have list”!

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Thanksgiving Giveaway



Thanksgiving is right around the corner and what better way to say thank you to all of my readers than by hosting a giveaway?! The prize is an adorable Boho Golden Ray Necklace from Amy O Jewelry, similar to the one I wore in this outfit post!  This necklace would be a perfect statement piece to wear this season as you attend holiday parties!


The Rules for the Giveaway are Super Simple:


– Like Amy O on Facebook
– Follow Amy O on twitter

– and Follow FancyFrancy via one of the following options: Bloglovin, Email, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, etc
– An extra entry will be given to those that comment on the FancyFrancy Facebook page sharing one thing that they are thankful for (in the spirit of thanksgiving)

The giveaway will start tomorrow (November 15th) and run until the end of the month. The giveaway will be open internationally. The giveaway will be ran through raffelcopter and the winner of the giveaway will be chosen through random.org. Once the winner is announced Amy O jewelry will contact the winner to send them the prize.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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WIWW: Breaking all My Norms



No one ever believes me when I tell them how quickly I get dressed for work in the morning. Although I’m a blogger and love all things pretty and wearable, I also enjoy my sleep and just like everyone else, I don’t have time to spend countless hours each morning determining what to wear. My secret? Nearly ALL of my wardrobe is made up of neutrals. Okay so maybe that wasn’t a ground breaking secret BUT it gets better. Since most of my clothes are neutrals  anything I “throw on” basically works. Once I discovered this little “color uniform” I became obsessed with navy, black, and browns (boring I know).

In an attempt to break myself out of my style norms, I purchased a pair of the red polka dot Rockstar jeans from Oldnavy when they first came out. I simply couldn’t resist the polka dots and gave myself TWO pats on the back for putting down the navy color option and going for these instead.


What’s Trending Now: Quilted Bags

What's Trending Now: Quilted Bags
I’m in love with the quilted bag trend and have been for some time now. The first one I added to my arsenal is this quilted tote shopper bag from ASOS in cream which has quickly turned into my favorite everyday bag.

Must Have Monday

An item that you spot and instantly fall in love with is like having a song stuck in your head. As hard as you try, you can’t get it out of your mind! Last week I spotted a woman on the street wearing a coat very similar to this. I instantly thought fell in love with it but with no way of knowing where she got it from (she was too far away to approach and ask) I tried to forget about it and go on with my day. Naturally, the next day I spot ANOTHER woman wearing a similar style cardigan/coat while I was at church. Typically spotting two people wearing something before I purchase it would make me probably want it less, but this cardigan/coat seemed like the perfect weekend throw on to combat the already cold weather we’re having here in New York.

For the past week I’ve been frantically searching to find a similar (and affordable) option to this black and white geo patterned oversize cardigan. So far I’ve managed to find these three options:

The first one is a  Staring at Stars Reversible Knit Cardie from UO which actually probably looks the closest to the original one I spotted on the street. The second one is another Staring at Stars brand Knit Cardie from UO which is slightly less expensive since it’s not reversible, and I actually like the pattern more on but wish that the overall color was white with black designs instead of the other way around. Last but not least I found a third option, a Blanket wrap Cardie from ASOS, that looks ridiculously comfy and warm!



In love with this look too or currently craving something else? Comment below and let me know what’s on your “Monday must have list”!

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Wardrobe Inspiration + WIWW: Leather Pleated Skirt Edition

As you know from the post I did yesterday (and if you follow me on Snapette and see the ridiculous amount of leather goodies I’ve snapped pictures of) I’m beyond in love with the leather trend that’s happening this season. So naturally I’ve been scooping up affordable vegan leather pieces ( I even scored a vintage leather skirt and backpack when I went thrifting a few weeks ago). One of my first purchases was a black pleated vegan leather skirt from H&M.


What’s Trending Now: Black Pleated Leather Skirts


What's Trending Now: Black Leather Pleated Skirts


A black pleated skirt is like a school girl gone bad. No one expected it, no one knows exactly when it happened, and although we might not admit it… we all secretly want to do it too.

With that being said its no surprise that amidst the leather (and vegan leather) trend this season, the pleated leather skirt in particular has been making quite the number of cameos (everyone from Urban to Bergdorf is carrying a version of the look in their stores!) Brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Forever 21, and Free People have all taken a stab at creating their own version of this piece, making it a trend that’s accessible to all wallet sizes :)

Want to try this trend? Shop the look below and be sure to check out tomorrows post where I show how to rock the look! Comment below and let me know if you have this trend or plan to get one !



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