Current Crush

This week I have been crushing on these fun T-Strap Thong Sandals from Forever 21. They are great because they are slightly more dressed up than just a regular flip flop but are still comfy and easy to slide into. I also love how they come in so many different colors! I can definitely see myself living in these shoes this summer! 

Click Here to get a pair for your self!

Comment below and let me know if your “crushing” too!


Fringe Benefits

So now that Coachella is over, what are you going to do with all of those headbands, cut off shorts, and fringe accessories you purchased for the big event? Well the first thing your going to do is burn the headbands, it’s better this way…trust me on this ;). Luckily your shorts and fringed-out apparel can still be rocked in your everyday non “hipster meets hippy meets disgruntled youth life” lol. 

For inspiration on strutting your self like a boss in high rise shorts, click here or here! (It’s safe to say they are an addiction of mine…but hey, first step is admittance right?

As far as the fringe goes, this might take a little more finesse… check out the rest of the post to see how I break this trend down !

Look One: Fringed Bags

So you decided to tip toe your foot into the water before jumping in, (well played young grasshopper, well played). You opted to purchase an adorable fringed purse or maybe even a stylish backpack, and if it’s in a neutral color even better! 

Look Two: Fringed Shirts

We saw this trend reemerge last spring, and its back again! This is great for those of us who love the midriff look, but may or may not have a totally flat mid-section like we promised in the blood oath to ourselves in our New Year resolutions. (My “Insanity Workout DVD has a layer of dust collecting on it as we speak). I love this because it allows you to show a little skin and still feel sexy; without showing too much and feeling self-conscious.

Look Three: Fringed Vests

Someone is undoubtedly thinking that Look Three could have easily been combined with Look Two…and that someone is wrong…it’s ok, I’m sure that someone wasn’t you. The fringe vest is deceiving because it seems like since it’s an accessory it can easily be tossed on with little to no second thought. In reality the fringe vest is the “full mounty,” it’s the one out of the three looks that if not played right can totally look like your auditioning for a role in “WoodStock the Movie” or even worse, like you’re having a “Legally Blonde Moment” and showed up to a regular event wearing a costume.

Fringe benefits

Now that I’ve shared my tips on rocking the fringe look, comment below and let me know your tips for pulling this look off!


Weekend Getaway: Miami Nights

Miami Nights

Only in Miami are the woman beautiful, the men gorgeous, and the colors BRIGHT. Give yourself a well deserved break and whisk away for the weekend to Miami. Get some sun at the beach during the day then get into a little fun at the clubs at night! 

SuperTrash polyester shirt
€70 –

One Teaspoon cotton shorts
€80 –

High heel pumps
£65 –

Kate spade handbag
$398 –

I myself have a few stories I could tell from my time on South Beach..but this is a family friendly blog and besides, what happens in Miami needs to stay and die in Miami… I will however leave you with two pieces of advice: 1. If a hotel seems to good to be true for the price and location, it is to good to be true. Spend a few extra dollars to get a room sans the sketch noises and suspicious looking stains. 2. Day time calls for at least one visit to “Fat Tuesdays” on South Beach, no explanation needed ;-) 


Celebrity Style Steal: Justin Timberlake Casual Friday Work Wear

Justin Timberlake Casual Friday Work Wear

How often do we wish we can dress like our favorite celebrities, even to the work place! Check out this “His and Her” celebrity style recreated look, great for casual Friday’s in the office.

Comment below and let me know what you like to wear on casual Friday’s in the office or if you and your significant other ever do “his and her” outfits.


**Justin Timberlake Photo Source:

Weekly Wardrobe Inspiration: Oval Sunglasses

Jackie Kennedy Onassis, better known to fashionistas as “Jackie O” became a style icon, much in part due to her famous oversized oval sunglasses. Take a cue from this legendary style icon and rock this season’s oval sunnie’s trend.

Oval Sunglasses Trend

Don’t be surprised if while wearing these people stop and stare with admiration…it’s kinda just the Jackie O effect. ;-)

Illesteva acetate sunglasses
£160 –

Plastic sunglasses
$17 –

The row sunglasses
$412 –

Monki plastic sunglasses
€10 –

Illesteva acetate sunglasses
$165 –

Illesteva round sunglasses
$260 –

Comment below and let me know who’s your favorite iconic fashionista, also let me know if you plan to rock this trend!


**Source for model’s pictures used in collage:

How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

Okay so I know many of you probably took one look at the title of this post and automatically did a side eye stare at your computer thinking to yourself that spring is almost on its way out, you’re a little late with this how to Francy! And you of course are right. However for many of my fellow newly minted college alumni, college students, are just plan busy adults… we have yet to get around to this yearly ritual whether it be due to recently moving or warm weather having commitment issues in our local area. Whatever the case, its never too late to purge your wardrobe and make room for some new yummy pieces.

Tip 1: Start by creating categories (if your super OCD about your wardrobe like I am, feel free to type up these categories and create labels for each pile). The ones I’m using are: 

• “Goodwill”- These are clothes such as old shoes, plan shirts and jeans that either don’t fit, or have not been worn in the last few years and I have no personal attachment to or strong desire to wear in the future if this item comes back into style. (That was a mouth full I know, but skip ahead to Tip 3 to see why) 
• “Trash”- These are items that I don’t feel are fit to be donated however I do not plan on wearing in the future. Examples: Severely ripped up shirts or pants, old underwear (because I feel like that is just weird to donate!), sewing projects gone terribly wrong, etc, etc. 
• “Storage”- These are items that you still wear however are not weather appropriate for the warmer weather approaching. Rather than have them clouding up your “springy” palette, store them away somewhere out of sight.

Tip 2: Next, make sure you have storage containers appropriate for keeping your clothes safe and sound, while they are tucked away. Some examples of storage containers are here, here, and here.


Tip 3: “What goes around ALWAYS comes back around. In my twenty something years on Earth this is one of the things I have found to be true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten ride of something only to wish a few years or even seasons later that I still had it! If its something you love and still fit, hold on to it, even if it is out of style right now (trust me on this :-) ) 

Comment below and let me know if you spring clean your wardrobe every year and any additional tips I might have missed!!!


In my Yoga Zone

Ever since I first heard of yoga back in 5th grade, I’ve been in love. A guest teacher came to our school to demonstrate a few simple positions and I was enthralled (please hold all questions pertaining to my “nerdiness” in elementary school or the super contempo-casual suburbia I must have grown up in) .


I loved the fluidity of the movements and the ease in which the teacher transitioned from one into the next. So naturally, being a true nerd … I went to the library (thank God for Google) and checked out as many books on yoga as I could find. After having a few mishaps while trying to self-teach myself ( you do not want to make mistakes while doing yoga by yourself… imagine having your ankles stuck behind your head… scary stuff!)  Luckily, to my surprise,

one day I was watching TV and I came across a TV show called Yogazone (cue the falling in love montage). And naturally, since my sisters did not have the soul of a middle age lady, everyday we would have a fight to the death for the remote. I wasn’t as zen then as I am now. :)

Recently I’ve had more time on my hands as college started to come to an end. I started attending yoga classes at my school the past few months and I can’t tell you how relaxed and rejuvenated I feel afterward.This was my first time actually practicing with other people in a class setting, and it was a wonderful experience. I plan on treating myself to enrolling in yoga classes after I move to New York to continue getting my weekly detox. So in the spirit of Spring and being healthy, I wanted to write this post and share some of my favorite yoga positions. And of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t also leave you with a yoga workout style pick ;)

Yoga Workout Wear

Puma yoga activewear
$50 –

Victoria s Secret sequin legging
$39 –

Adidas sports bra
$25 –

Victoria s Secret duffle bag luggage
$40 –

Victoria’s Secret Water Bottle
$13 –

Comment below and let me know if yoga is something that you’ve tried before or if you plan to try it in the future! Also if you live or have lived in New York and know a good yoga class/instructor, let me know!

urbanyogagirl:  Yoga poses


Wear: Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day
Memorial day is my official unofficial start to summer. If by now you haven’t already attended your first pool side mixer or outside BBQ it’s a must this weekend. Comment below and let me know if you have any fun Memorial day outfits planned!
Mango maxi dress
£23 –

$17 –

Fendi high heel shoes

Tommy hilfiger bag
$73 –

ASOS watch
$43 –

ASOS chain jewelry
$17 –

Kate Spade aviator sunglasses
$128 –




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