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 To know me means to know of my obsession fondness for all things leopard print. Surprisingly, I typically don’t wear much of this pattern…except for when it comes to swimsuits and “knickers”. Since the later of the two would be a little TMI, I’m just going to show the current swimsuit I’m crushing on. 

Comment below and let me know if you’ve gone swimsuit shopping for the summer season yet and what type of swimsuits you like to wear.

In the buff

As the weather starts to warm up, must of us start to have the undeniable urge to wear as little clothing as possible. Since pubic nudity is typically frowned upon (for good reason) not to mention the whole against the law thing…it’s best to keep your pants on (literally) and just opt for light and flowy fabrics.  


What’s Trending Now: Floral Print Pants


It’s come to my attention that not all of my readers are battling the oppressive heat that accompanies much of life in the south, many of you dears in other areas of the US and across the pond are still fighting the good fight of brisk winds and overcast skies. 


Though spring may not yet have sprung in your town, you can still catch the fever by wearing the floral pants trend.


Floral pants are a great spin on the floral trend we’ve been seeing for the past few years because it allows you the femininity of florals while having all the versatility of pants. Check out a few of my floral print picks and let me know if you’ll be trading in your pretty spring dresses for pants!

Floral Pants

Comment below and let me know what’s the weather like in your part of the globe and if this is a trend you plan on rocking!! :)


How to: Eva Longoria Style Steal

Eva Longoria Style
On Friday I showed you my go to weekend errand look, today take a cue from Miss Eva Longoria’s super cute and relaxed look. Clearly post Desperate Housewife life is suiting Eva well, she was recently spotted out and about doing a little shopping and looking radiant rocking this spring’s colored denim trend. Desperate for Eva’s style? Ok, ok I know that was super corny but I couldn’t resist. I’m really a cornball at heart, just don’t tell anyone ;) Check out the rest of the post to see where you can get each piece…no more lame jokes, I promise !

Long sleeve top
$63 –

J Brand skinny fit jeans
£118 –

Valentino platform heels
$973 –

Amrita Singh metal jewelry
$85 –

Michael Kors analog watch
$160 –

Victoria Beckham clear sunglasses
$575 –

*Eva Longoria photo source:


Wear? Weekend Errands

Running Errands

For this “Friday’s Fancies” I decided to put together a chic casual look perfect for running weekend errands or a little weekend shopping ;)

This outfit is great for the weekend because it features a soft chambray skirt with drawstring, a loose breathable floral print shirt, and comfy flats (perfect for running around in.) Comment below and let me know what your favorite weekend-go-to outfit is!

$64 –
$23 –
$44 –
$35 –
$43 –
$43 –
$9 –



Current Crush

Untitled #46

For this week’s current crush, I decided to try out a new format and give you all insight into what I’m crushing on in the three major areas that I make purchases: electronics, beauty, and apparel. I think that by breaking it down into these three categories you will get more of a glimpse into my personal likes and taste. 

 Crush #1: Okay so technically an iPhone case is not an electronic item but it goes on top of my most prized electronic device – of the moment – so I think it still counts. I came across these spiked iPhone cases a few months ago after seeing someone I watch on YouTube with one. I was instantly in love and was surprised to find

very few major retail stores in the US carrying them. With an average price tag of about $50 they are not terribly expensive, but are a bit above my college student/recent grad budget, hence why it’s still on the crush list and not on my iPhone :( 

 Crush #2: I love when my nails are done but I hate painting them or getting a manicure done at a nail salon because the polish never last more than a week and I always smudge at least one fingernail (don’t ask me how, it’s a “gift” I guess lol). 

 Crush #3: So I have a rule when it comes to major trends (think colored jeans this season, maxi dresses last spring, and rompers the spring before that) I only allow myself to purchase one item in that trend. From my experience, when something is an uber-trend, it’s usually not something that I am going to want to wear seasons later (for example I refuse to wear rompers, I don’t care how cute they are, I just don’t want to wear them). Which is why last year I limited myself to one maxi dress purchase, which I barely wore because it was such a statement dress. This spring my mouth has been literally watering over simple, chic, and comfy maxi dresses. So… I broke my rule and purchased two more last week, it’s okay…I won’t tell if you don’t ;) 

Comment below and let me know if you like this new format or prefer the old less structured current crush lists, also let me know what’s on your “current crush list”!!!

Weekly Wardrobe Inspiration: Envelope Clutch

“Stop trying to make clutch happen!” is a running joke between one of my best friend’s and me. As most of you are probably aware, it’s a play on one of the lines from the movie Mean Girls. A while back, a guy I was interested in told me that I was “so clutch.” I didn’t know what the word meant but from context clues I could gather that it was a compliment. Since I am well aware that I am not properly verse in the acronyms, slang, euphemisms, and youthanisms of my generation, I decided to play along like I knew what it meant while simultaneously texting several people in my phone to find out the word’s meaning. Eventually I found out that it is a word derived out of sports terminology and basically means to “come through and save the day at the last minute” or “to perform well under pressure.”
So Clutch
Since gaining this new addition to my vocab list, I’ve tried to casually drop it into conversation when ever mildly fitting. To my delight most of my friends are just as unaware as I am and often give me a blank stare after I drop the “C bomb.” I then explain to them the meaning and origin in my most scholarly voice, followed by most of them openly laughing out loud and shutting my attempt at slang down ala mean girls style. Over time when ever I or someone else happens to say the word it’s turned into an inside joke, and one of us will lovingly joke “stop trying to make clutch happen”.

All jokes aside, clutches are the perfect accessory, especially for spring! Clutches work great with dresses as a simple easy to take along hand bag or with jeans to dress up a more casual outfit. Clutches are especially useful when in high volume areas such as a city, or night time event because it’s a lot easier to maneuver with a lighter piece, as oppose to a big heavy shoulder bag.

I’m in love with all seven of the clutches I picked out, and can’t wait to order some! Comment below and let me know which number is your favorite pick! Also let me know if you have heard the word “clutch” used or if you use it yourself!

PS. If you want me to do a DIY post on how to make your own perfectly posh and one of a kind envelope clutch let me know !!


What to Wear to Graduation

This past weekend I officially graduated from college! The past four years have been the best of times and sometimes the worst of times, to say the least. I will miss my friends and peers but I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life. Thank you again for everyone who submitted their opinions on what dress to wear under my cap and gown. I ended up purchasing a white lace peplum dress from H&M (unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of it online but below are two similar dresses).

 I was super excited to wear my dress but then
the night before I decided that I wanted to wear a dress with pockets! Since it was such a last minute decision, I didn’t have time to go out and purchase a new dress. I ended up wearing a dress that I purchased last season. (pictured below).
Although I didn’t end up wearing  the white dress, my floral print dress was a big hit. I’m sure the white peplum dress will come in handy this upcoming summer! :)
Comment below and let me know what you think!

Fancy Francy Featured: Blog Love Therapy Blog Critique

I’m happy to announce that Fancy Francy is being featured this week on Blog Love Therapy’s weekly Blog Critique! Blog Love Therapy was gratuitous enough to allow me to receive feedback on my blog from fellow bloggers. To check out the feature and provide me with constructive criticism on please click here!

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