DIY Tinted Moisturizer

Ideally during the summer you want to wear as little makeup as possible but sometimes it’s hard to go completely bare. I’ve taken to making my own custom tinted moisturizer during the summer months by using this quick and simple DIY. It gives me the sheer coverage that I want without feeling heavy on my face like a normal foundation. The best part? It doesn’t require buying any new products! You can use any foundation of moisturizer of your choosing to create this DIY tinted moisturizer. I personally like to use my Clinique Stay Matte Foundation mixed with either my oil control lotion or my radiant primer for a “glowy bronzy” look.

Items you’ll need:

  • Face Moisturizer
  • Foundation
  • Brush or Sponge




Who doesn’t love trying out new products? I know I do! If you haven’t already heard of Influenster, it’s a website where you can discover, share, and review all products anywhere from dog shampoo to YSL primer. They have these boxes, “VoxBoxes” which are themed with different products in them and if your interests connect to a specifically themed box from  questions you previously answered, you could be sent that Voxbox to try out and review the products. (more…)

8 Best Liquid Lipsticks for Any Budget

Best Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipstick acts like a lipgloss but has the staying power of a stain. They aren’t exactly a “new trend” (they’ve been around forever) but they are definitely becoming more popular. If you haven’t tried one of these before now’s the perfect time to do it! These products are great for carefree days of summer because they’re super easy to apply and stay on better than regular lipstick (so you don’t have to worry about reapplying even after eating or drinking).

Interested in trying this trend? Here’s a roundup of 8 drugstore and high-end versions to fit every budget (my two favorites are the Stila Stay All Day and the NYX Matte lip cream). (more…)

Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation Review

Benefit Cosmetics 'Hello Flawless!'Liquid Foundation

The right foundation is like a girl’s best friend; dependable and always has your back. With summer in full effect and the dog days still to come, I’ve been opting to forgo foundation more often than not. Back in the early summer before I broke up with my foundation I picked up the Benefit Cosmetics ‘Hello Flawless!’Liquid Foundation. It’s a product that had been on my radar for a while so I finally took the plunge and bought it.

The product is descried as “a brightening, oil-free liquid foundation that builds from light to medium coverage with broad-spectrum SPF 25 protection.” I loved the idea of it because it has SPF already built-in, something that can be hard to find in a foundation. The coverage is light to medium so it’s ideal for more everyday use. The foundation comes in a standard pump bottle for easy application which I also like.

I was excited to see if the foundation would live up to its long and boastful name. (more…)




Yes…you read it right, more mascara madness! As previously stated, I am a mascara freak so naturally, I was ecstatic to have received this in the mail! Pop Beauty’s Peak Performance Mascara has a unique revolutionary applicator that makes it far from just any regular mascara. (more…)

Product Review: Butter London Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon

Butter London Bloody Brillant Lip Crayon

If you’re into nail polish at all, you’ve probably heard of Butter London, the British brand that’s super popular with nail enthusiast everywhere. In addition to their famous nail varnishes, Butter London also now carries other beauty products. They launched their boastfully titled “Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayons” in April along with other beauty products. Recently I got the chance to try their new line of lip products and couldn’t have been more excited. I’m already a fan of lip crayon/ pencils so I couldn’t wait to see how these measured up. (more…)

Beauty School Basics: Eyeliner 101

Eyeliner is one of those things you probably don’t think about that much (except for trying to finally master the perfect winged eyeliner) but it’s actually pretty clutch. Winged eyeliner is everyone’s jam right now (and also the real reason your friends have been taking forever to get ready these days). But there’s way more to eyeliner than just that. Eyeliner, like concealer is one of the little things that can really set your face on fleek. Eyeliner helps your face look more vibrant and “awake”, not to mention nothing accentuates your eyes more.

There are millions of variations of eyeliners but they all can be categorized into one of three basic types: pencil, liquid, or gel.

Pencils are usually most girls first venture into the world of eyeliner. They can sharpen manually or automatic (I prefer automatic). While pencils probably seem like the most generic, all pencils are not the same. Overtime I’ve learned that while a drugstore and high end pencil may look identical, there’s a good chance that their quality is totally different. No matter where you decide to get your pencil from, look for ones with that have rich color pigment such as coal liners. 

Liquid liner is near and dear to my heart. Of all my makeup this is one of my favorites. I started using liquid eyeliner almost as soon as I started wearing makeup. After years of practice I’m pretty good with “the flick of the wrist”, but I understand why it can seem intimidating when you’re just starting out. It’s one of those things that you think doesn’t really make a difference, but then you try it and realize how awesome it is. Out of all the types of liner, liquid gives the most precise and smooth application. Liquid liners come in either brush (think teeny-tiny paint brush) or felt tip form (think Sharpie). Personally I prefer the brush applicator but felt tip is easier for people new to liquid. 

Gel liner also sometimes called cream liner usually comes in a little pot and needs a separate brush to apply it. Out of all the types of liner this one is probably the least popular but it’s actually really great. Gel eyeliner has a lot of the benefits of a liquid with the ease of a pencil. They tend to be really pigmented and easy to apply. The only drawback to this type of liner is that often the pot drys out before you’ve finished it and you have to carry a separate applicator. 


– Line both your top and bottom eyelid

– Use liquid on the top but cream or pencil on the bottom to avoid having the liner run into your eyes.

– Line the bottom of your eyes or just the corner with white eyeliner to help you look more awake

– Try liners in different colors 
Eyeliner is one of those things that you can and should experiment with different formulas and types. 

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Product Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

By now you’re probably well aware of my love for all things matte (matte means not shiny). So when I received the NYX Soft Matte lip cream at the makeup show I was intrigued. I didn’t understand what they meant by “soft matte” but quickly figured it out once I tried it. The product applies like a lipgloss but drys into matte lipstain. I have it in a plum shade and have been wearing it nonstop. I love it because it’s easy to apply and won’t come off unless you take it off! It reminds me of my Stila stay all day lipstick which I’ve loved for years. The price of this product is cheaper so it’s a great drugstore alternative. NYX has a reputation of having quality products at prices that are cheaper than high end products. (more…)

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