What to Wear This Weekend: Sweater and Shorts

Weekend Wardrobe Inspiration

Weekend brunch, trips to the park, and late night dates all call for a certain amount of “chic comfort”. But in this hazy time between still warm and “sweater weather” it’s hard to find just the right balance. So what’s a girl to wear? Try a blast from the past and upgrade the old “sweatshirt and shorts” look from school days with this purposeful “long meets short” look.

Go from day to night by adding a leather jacket and scarf. Looking for extra credit? Switch out the nude lip for a bold red to really up the amp.


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DIY: How to Make a Body Chain Jewelry

If you follow Fancy Francy on instagram , you may have seen a recent post of me wearing a body chain. Body chains have been coming in and out of style for years and with the help of Rihanna, they have been back in vogue for a while now.

While many people wear them to accentuate their swimsuits, they’re also a perfect to sit just in between those fall layers. There are a ton of varieties that you can find out there, but sometimes it’s fun to customize or create your own. Recently I came across a DIY post on Chictopia with very easy steps to create your own.



Monthly Beauty Favorites

sept beauty favorites


September was an exciting month. Between fashion week, events, and just life in general September had a lot going on. During this month I experimented more with beauty routine than I had in quite some time. I fell in love with quite a few new staples that I’m so happy I found.









Blender cleanser solidcleaning my brushes is something that I know I’m suppose to do, but often err umm occasionally forget to do. Now that I’m actually using my beauty blenders more often, I decided to invest in a proper cleaning product for them. Sponges in particular need to be kept clean but the idea of pouring liquid soap into one seemed wasteful. After a little bit of research I decided to try the beauty blender solid soap (think of it like a bar soap for your sponges and brushes).  The product worked really well on my beauty blender and made it look almost brand new.

Beauty blender sponge: believe it or not, I never fully understood the beauty blender craze. I received several a few fashion weeks back but rarely ever used them. Sure, it worked great for blending stubborn stick foundation, but outside of that, I was good with my brushes. Recently I was watching some YouTube beauty gurus for inspo and couldn’t help but laugh at how everrryyyyyone seemed to STILL be obsessed. I decided to give mine a deep cleaning and a second chance. I changed up my previous technique (now I wet the sponge with plan water to start and tried it for wet product application). Wahla, magic! Words can not express the level of b-l-e-n-d I achieved. But seriously, as obvious as this may sound, this little guy works amazing for blending. I guess the name was a not so subtle hint but it still deserves to be repeated.

Si perfume: on my way back from vacation two months ago, I had a ridiculously long wait in the airport. With nothing to do and nothing but time I decide to check out the duty free shops. I’ve yet to establish a signature fragrance so I thought this was as good as time as any to look. After trying out almost every perfume in the shop, I settled on this new one from Givenchy. So far I am still loving this scent for everyday use.

e.l.f blush: I bought this a few months ago and just recently started wearing it. Although all of the colors are very wearable in the palette, I am particularly in love with the dusty rose like color. It has a natural blush color and just a hint of golden shimmer.

Pedi Scrub: I received this from a beauty box 5 subscription box and have been using it for the past few months. One side is a moisturizer and one side is a scrubber, making it super easy to use quickly in the shower.



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Five Nail Trends for Fall 2014




Last Fall we showed you the best five colors for your Fall time manis. This year we wanted to switch things up a bit by showing you Fall trends.

1.Nude: Simple and classic pale pinks or matte peach polishes, the simpler the nail the bigger the impact. Sophisticated sheer pinks or peach tones set the tone for clean and classy. Pale and powdery colors are matching falls color of powdery fabrics.


2.The Dark Side: Fall 2014 also brings dark alluring colors such as deep dark blues, smokey greys and moss green. They seduce us with a deeply enigmatic palette of the dark side of beauty this fall.


3.Jewel Toned: Metallic polishes like gold and silver make nails shine all night long. Earth tones like stone gray and sand are great neutrals with flair.


4.Classic Red: The classic red nail receives a bit of an update with a darker tone to it; think somewhere between red wine and tomato red.


5.Simple Designs: Half moon manicures and rhinestone appliques live on in the nail art world. The slightest design can make an even stronger statement like a single stripe of black polish placed off-center or polka dots. Graphic prints and busy designs are a favorite for street style.


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Sources: beautypress.com, Pinterest.com

INGLOT + Disney’s The Lion King Broadway Makeup Collection Launch

Although the collection officially hit Inglot stores in July, recently an event with members of the Broadway cast was held in NYC to celebrate the launch. While at the event, guest got to mix and mingle while eating tasty bites and getting mini make overs.


This was my first time getting to see the collection in person and I was extremely impressed. Everything is very wearable (and on trend).


My favorite item is the palette because it has the perfect everyday blush and neutral eyeshadow colors.


At the event I also got the chance to speak with Chondra Profit, who plays Sarabi in the play. She looked stunning wearing the collection and expressed her enthusiasm of the collaboration.


Keep reading for more details on the collection and the collaboration.


Must have Monday: Baggu Leather Tote

BAGGU leather tote

You know how sometimes you pass by a stranger wearing something so insanely perfect for YOU, you can’t help but stare? Living in New York City, where the average person dresses like the are walking on some invisible catwalk, this happens about a million times a day. More often than not the person is too far, the train is too crowded, etc for you to ask them where they got it from without coming off as a total “stranger danger”.

Recently I had an especially bad case of bag envy when I saw a girl on the train with the most buttery leather tote I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t help but stare at the bag as it effortlessly added chicness and cool to this random girl’s life by it’s mere existence. I locked eyes (err umm “strap”?) with the bag the whole one stop till I had to get off and get to work. I wistfully thought about the bag on my walk and made a mental note to keep an eye out for something similar. Fast forward a few days later, I walked into Urban Outfitters and to my gleeful surprise I was tearfully reunited with this amazing beautiful bag.

It turns out this angelic bag is made by a company named “BAGGU“. I had never heard of it but according to Urban’s website it’s a “Brooklyn-based reusable bag company” that started in 2007 and specializes in making high-quality canvas and leather bags. The bags are also lead-free and ethically made, if you’re into that (and who wouldn’t be?)

After “visiting” this bag, three times last week, I’ve decided to go ahead and purchase it as a happy first of the month present to myself. And before you ask, yes, that is a thing… at least now it is ;)

Lusting like me? Check the bag in different colors below and click to purchase your favorite one.  You can also get this bag at Shopbop, Urban Outfitters, or the BAGGU site itself.


How to Get Thicker Fuller Looking Lashes



If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes are the curtains that unveil your soul. With all that being said, it’s no wonder more and more women are looking for ways to lengthen, curl, and thicken their eyelashes. Lash extension services are a huge hit in salons and spas internationally at the moment but are also very costly and require maintenance. As much as the results of lash extensions are ultra glamorous, they aren’t the only option you can take to achieve fuller lashes. Eyes are such a focal point of the face, having wide open looking eyes with strong lashes gives confidence to women so they can literally go out and face the world.

1) Go back to basics. If you think your lashes are a little lack luster, first review your product. You should never keep an open tube of mascara for more than 6 months or else what you’ll get out of the tube is dry, flaky black substance.

2) It’s all in the wrist. How you apply mascara matters. Practicing the correct application of mascara is just as important as the product you use. Always start at the base of the lash and zigzag your way up. This way you won’t miss a nook or cranny and cover all edges of your lashes. Layer brown then black mascara for a pop effect.

3) Get in line. Line your inner top lash line with black eyeliner. Lift your eyelid hold your pencil under your lash line and fill in that top waterline. Instantly, you’ll find that your lashes look fuller.

4) Start Strong. Even Before applying your mascara, try starting off with a primer first. There are many mascara primers on the market. Choose a clear or white one that helps lengthens and thicken up lashes before applying mascara.

5) Fibers are your friend! Fibers are temporary tiny materials that can be applied to your lashes prior to applying your mascara to give them more fullness. These white liquid fibers will grab onto lashes, so when you apply the mascara on top; your lashes look extended as if you’re wearing false lashes. Look for a mascara that offers dual sides, one for the mascara and one for fibers

6) Get Scientific. Looking for something more permanent? Try a lash serum. Lash serums, often times sold as lash & brow serums, promote growth to help your lash hairs grow quickly and fuller lashes. Apply daily before bed on clean eyes right along the lash line and watch your lashes flutter.

7) The Fast and the Fuller. No time to wait on serums, fibers, or mascara? Use false lashes to amplify your lashes. You can find fake lashes sold everywhere from drug stores to department stores and online. Available in synthetic, real hair, and even mink to achieve the Kardashian lashes look. False lashes can be reused with proper care.

Whichever way you want to approach it, achieving long, full lashes is easier than you ever thought. There are many techniques, methods, and products to try so you can start feeling confident about winking those luscious lashes!


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Source: beautypress.com

Get Olivia Pope’s Style: “Scandal Collection” Launch at The Limited

scandal-olivia-pope-styleWe’ve all been obsessed with Olivia Pope’s style for some time now. Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress Kerry Washington and costume designer Lyn Paolo, in partnership with Elliot Staples, head of design from The Limited, have developed a new fashion line exclusively for The Limited inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ top-rated ABC drama, Scandal, which airs Thursdays at 9pm EST and premieres its fourth season this Thursday. Just in time for the new season premier, the collection is launching Wednesday, September 23rd at The Limited. 

olivia pope fashion

Breaking new ground in Hollywood-inspired fashion, this is the first-ever design collaboration between a national retailer, a top-rated network TV show, its costume designer and leading lady. It is also the first design collaboration for Washington and Paolo, the duo credited for creating powerful looks for Scandal’s protagonist, Olivia Pope, and for inspiring millions of fans to call themselves “Gladiators in Suits.”

olivia pope fashion

“By creating a line inspired by the show, we are introducing a collection that embodies the elegance and power of the Scandal aesthetic for real-life gladiators and everyday fashionistas,” said Washington. “The collection is a nod to our devoted fans, to fans of fashion and to women everywhere who are inspired to boldly pursue their passions and look good while doing it.”

olivia pope fashion

The collection itself brings the quintessential neutral palette together with soft feminine color, the collection is outfit driven while remaining easy to mix and match – creating effortlessly modern and powerful looks,” said Staples. “Olivia Pope’s signature wardrobe is well represented by tailored wide leg trousers, separate jackets with strong lines & signature trims, chic feminine blouses, and heroic outerwear pieces.Our plaid round collar cape seamlessly translates television to reality and captures the true essence of the consistent sophistication and style that Olivia Pope represents for confident women everywhere.”


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How to wear Boyfriend Jeans in the Fall

how to wear boyfriend jeans

I’m not going to lie, once the weather starts to cool down, my natural instinct is to pack away all my shorts and distressed jeans. So naturally, I was surprised to see soo many boyfriend jeans on the try on rack in the fitting room when I went shopping this week. Here we are, well into September and people are picking NOW to buy boyfriend jeans? It got me thinking (and once again wistfully regretting the Zara pair I passed on earlier in the summer) about how the new “bell of the denim world”, could transition into Fall and beyond.



Boyfriend jeans can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair them with heeled booties, a blazer and a bold lip for a slightly more polished look. Or throw them on with a tee, leather jacket, and flats for a more casual look. Add a chunky scarf to either look to help transition the outfit into Fall.

Still need a pair? Keep reading to see a few of my picks.


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