My Must Have Apps

My Must Have Apps

Poshmark- Poshmark is an app where you can buy and/or sell fashion/beauty products. It’s great for trying out new products since products for sale are usually always below the face value and lets be real…who doesn’t like that?! I’ve bought a few things on Postmark and it was a pleasant experience every time.


Murad Anti-Aging Acne Skin Care Review

 Anti-aging and acne are two words you probably don’t expect to see in the same product. Usually when I think of acne I associate it with teenagers but more and more skincare companies are catering to “adult acne”. While I never really struggled with acne (I totally understand if you hate me now) I do have the occasional breakout, even as an adult.

Recently I had one of those rare really bad breakouts. About two weeks ago my face started losing its ish! I woke up with several small pimples and blemishes randomly around my face. Over the next two days I noticed my skin getting worse so I decided to try treatment. Luckily Murad had previously sent me over their anti-aging acne care line. The line has three steps: (more…)

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  NEW Skin+ Pharmacy Hydration Collection

Skin+ Pharmacy Hydration Collection

I’m always excited when a drugstore product is on par with a prestige product. I recently got to try out some products from the NEW Skin+ Pharmacy Hydration Collection prior to its launch. As someone still in my twenty’s, I’m more concerned with preventive aging rather than trying to reverse the signs. I think it’s never to early to start taking care of your skin (although I am guilty of sometimes sleeping in my makeup). The line is designed to hydrate the skin while gently and effectively targeting the visible signs of aging.

The products feature hyaluronic acid and oligosaccharides, which is a gentle alternative to retinol. Interested in learning more? Keep reading to see details on each product in the new launch. (more…)

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Cheap Cleaning Hack For Your Makeup Sponges




Makeup sponges. Makeup sponges are my holy grail for a flawless makeup application, but we all know how disgusting they can get after a few uses. Covered in flesh colored foundation, highlighting concealer, that little thing can get pretty nasty.  (more…)

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5 Creative Ingredients to Make Your Green Smoothies Better

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are like gummy vitamins, healthiness disguised in something yummy. Although juices are all the rage right now, I still enjoy a nice old school smoothie here and there (not to mention I don’t own a juicer so couldn’t make them at home even if I wanted to). I’m not always the best at watching what I eat (thank God for good genes) but I do make sure to eat healthy food along with my guilty indulgences. So without further ado, here’s five things you can add to your green smoothie recipes that actually taste good and are good for you! (more…)


How to Apply BlushI’ll be honest, if I’m not wearing blush I feel pretty basic. I can’t stand to see the sight of me with makeup on without blush, it somehow just seems wrong to me. While there is no one right way to apply blush, there certainly are several wrong ways to do it. I’ll never forget back in high school when a friend saw me after applying my blush and told me that I looked like a “red brick.” The statement was a bit rude but the message was clear: what ever I was doing with my blush was not working. After that I stayed away from blush until I learned how to properly apply it.

Blush is something that I think a lot of woman shy away from because it seems difficult or unnecessary, both of which couldn’t be further from the truth. Keep reading to see a tips and tricks on how to apply blush, trust me, it will take your face to a whole new level.



Monday Motivation: Go Explore

travel motivation

Happy Monday everyone! Today, I won’t be raving about my favorite kind of mascaras or the latest fashion trend to hit the streets, but something maybe a little bit more important instead: Exploring and traveling. It is the pursuit of a million ideas and the realization of one. No matter your age, financial status, or career status, always find the time, money, and openness of your mind to travel. Whether it be to a different continent or the neighboring town, EXPLORE! So, in today’s post, instead of putting you to sleep with boring text, I have some of my favorite picture quotes that I’d love to share with you all in hopes your wanderlust (great desire to explore and travel) comes peeking out a little!Traveltravel2 (more…)

July Beauty Favorites #FancyFridays

July Beauty Favorites

To say the summer has been flying by seems like such a cliché but it’s really true. With the sun and heat to combat during the day, I haven’t changed my beauty products too much (I haven’t even been wearing makeup as much) during the summer but there are still a few products that I’ve been reaching for over and over.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade Review

Eyebrows and me are like bones and a dogs… I gotta have em. So not so surprisingly I have a lot of eyebrow products.. like A LOT. My eyebrows are naturally thin (if I went a year without getting them done they still wouldn’t be bushy!), so obviously I’m obsessed with nice full brows. Everybody and their mama has pretty much tried Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products before (literally my mom has some of their brow pomade as well). I’ve tried a few of their products before including their brow pencil and have always known them to be pretty solid products. So way back in the spring when I was in the need for new brow product, I decided to finally try their dipbrow pomade once and for all. This is probably one of their most popular products and has been reviewed by countless beauty bloggers so I figured I might as well add my two cents as well. (more…)

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