The best waterproof cosmetics for summer

Heat, humidity, perspiration, and swimming shouldn’t stop your summer beauty routine.  Recently we discussed how to stay shine free and  Martha Stewart Living, also cultivated a list of their own our favorite products that survive the summer. Check out a few of their picks below as well as our picks here.

Products Featured: Hard Candy All Lid Up Eye Shadow, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on eye pencil, Cargo Swimmables water-resistant blush, Vincent Longo Liquid Canvas Dew Finish waterproof Foundation, Cargo Swimmables water-resistant blush, Tarte Amazonian Clay waterproof concealer, Make Up for Ever Aqua Rouge waterproof liquid lip color, Tarte Amazonian Clay matte water-proof bronzer, Tarte Lights-Camera-Splashes waterproof mascara.


How to Dress Like a Start-up Guy

Startupguy look

Banana Republic recently posted this look book to finally answer the question: what does one wear as a twenty something silicon valley aspiring millionaire. The answer: lots of denim like slacks and jackets without ties. Above are a few standouts from the collection, see the whole thing here and check out Fast Company’s break down here.


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Where to save and splurge when building your makeup collection:

brushes-in-a-potOkay so lets face it (no pun intended) building up a makeup collection can be pretty pricey, especially if you’re starting from scratch. It might be tempting to go budget friendly for your whole collection but getting the right tools of the trade is essential for great makeup applications. With that being said, there are still some areas where you can save instead of splurge when building your collection.

 Keep reading to find out our favorite drugstore products with high end performance


To Skort Or Not To Skort?

Trend Report:Skort


“A skort, sometimes called a scooter or ‘skant’, is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front.”

Once reserved for the semi tomboy years of adolescents, thanks in part mainly to Zara, this “hybrid” item is now socially acceptable for grown ups. Whether you love it or hate it (I’ve yet to decide my personal stance) this trend is dominating the streets (and blogs) this summer.

See what other’s are saying about the skort and the Zara skort in particular here and here.

Comment below with your thoughts on this trend. Would you rock this trend? 

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Francy Answers: What to wear to a pool party

Dear Francy,

I’m attending a pool party soon and I don’t know what to wear. I want to look cute but not like I’m trying to hard, any ideas?


As a southern, pool parties are near and dear to my heart. The only way to beat a scorching hot day is to get dressed up and party around the perimeter of a pool. All jokes aside, pool parties can be a very tricky wardrobe situation. Personally, I would recommend wearing an all black swimsuit which pairs easily with a multiple of looks.

Keep reading to see three suggestions for what to wear to a summer pool party.

One item, three looks: Classic Black Bikini

Look one:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown


Look two:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown

Look Three:

Six Items Outfit Breakdown

Comment below and share your thoughts, which look do you like the best?

Interested in having your question answered?  If you have any questions or situations you would like advice on submit them here!

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Trend Report: The Shirtdress

ShirtdressTrend Report Template
The shirtdress is as classic as apple pie. Shirtdresses allow you to beat the summer heat while still retaining your cool. This season go from “office to night” with this casual yet chic closet staple.
Looking for a way to spice up this look? Opt for this trend in bright bold prints that keep it modern and fun.
Keep reading below to see how to style this trend from day to night!
Shirtdress: From Day to Night for

Personally, I’ve been eyeing this trend since Spring and can’t wait to pick up a few of my own! Between shirtdresses and skater dresses, I could “live” in dresses for the rest of the summer!


Comment below and share your thoughts on this trend. Do you plan on wearing it?


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5 Brow Tips You Didn’t Know



Bold brows is still a hot beauty trend that looks like it’s not going away any time soon. Way back when we talked “eyebrow dos and don’ts” and now celebrity Eyebrow Specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg shares with us her top secret brow tricks to get yours looking fuller and thicker, even if they’re not quite there yet.

Below Elke shares her tips on how to get the perfect bold brow between appointments:

1) Growth Cycles
Most people think brow hairs grow in the same place over and over. What really happens is there are several cycles of hair that grows, not just one. Growing in takes time, and a lot of patience.

2) Don’t Be Overwhelmed
Think growing in a bolder brow takes a lot of work? Not really. You’ll only need 2-4 more rows of hair along the brow to see a difference. And it doesn’t mean underneath the brow. Brow growth along the tops of brows helps too, and is easier to grow in.

3) The Right Product For Your Brow
Want a thicker looking brow? Think of brows like your hair. The right product can create a thicker look. Try applying a clear brow wax, then your brow powder and then a second layer of brow wax. You’ll thicken up the look of your brows instantly.

4) Learn to Love Powder
For those over plucked brows, a pencil can leave a very drawn in look, hence the way your mom used to do it. TIP: Try filling in with brow powder along the tops of the brows for an instantly thicker brow.

5) Let the Pro’s Do the Hard Work
Most salons focus on giving you a cleaned up, perfect brow. A Brow Specialist gets you on the right growth plan to keep all the new hairs you’ve grown in as well maintaining the brow so it looks good as it grows in. You can expect to see results and a bolder brow in as little as 3-5 visits.



How to have a shine free face all summer

Summer is amazing, the days are long and the vacations are plentiful but all the fun in the sun can reek havoc on our skin and makeup. Shine, oil, and sweat (aka the enemy of a matte flawless face) are hard to avoid. Luckily there are a few products when paired together create a formidable defense against the enemy. Keep reading for my advice on how to stay shine free all summer long

1. Oil control lotion: applying an oil control lotion to freshly cleansed skin is the most important step to shine free living. Often times, people with oily or shine prone skin opt to for go moisturizing however this can cause skin to be dry and produce even more oil to compensate. Instead use a moisturizer that will prevent skin from getting dry and help prevent oil.

2.Oil free foundation: skipping foundation all together during the summer is most ideal; however if you must use foundation during the summer make sure it is an oil free formula that won’t break down in the heat leaving oil behind. Instead of foundation I recommend using a little concealer where needed and a blotting/setting powder.

3. Blotting Powder: after you have moisturized and applied any desired makeup, finish up by applying a light layer of blotting powder all over the face. Unlike a foundation powder, blotting/ setting powder is often translucent and light weight enough to wear even on the hottest of days. The purpose of this powder is to help keep makeup intact and the face shine free.

4. Oil absorbing sheets: last but not least, if you’ve done all of the above and still see oil sneaking up, have oil absorbing/blotting sheets on hand to use as needed. These trusty gems work magic to get rid of shine quickly while out and about. These are especially useful right before pictures and Instagram selfies for a shine free face.


Francy Answers: Summer Skin, Stop Concealing and Start Healing

Summertime can often prove to be a challenging time for skin, between sweat, shine, and discoloration; you may be tempted to hide your face behind a layer of makeup but that’s actually the worst thing you can do. During the summer it’s more important than ever for your skin to breathe in order to prevent clogged pores so its best to wear the least amount of foundation and concealer as you can. While we all suffer from skin insecurities as time, summer is a great time to build up that confidence by working on your skin so you don’t feel the need to conceal and you can let your true beauty shine.


As much as I love makeup and beauty products, I myself don’t wear makeup everyday and encourage others to do the same, especially during the summer when it feels like your makeup is melting off your skin anyway. Allowing your skin the time it needs to breathe helps keep skin less irritated and problem free. Below are some times to keep your skin healthy during the summer so you won’t feel the need to hide and conceal.

Tips for Healthy Skin:


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