How to: Style a Chambray Shirt

If there is any one item in my closet that I can seriously say I feel bad for, it’s definitely my chambray shirt from Banana Republic. Since I purchased it last summer I have worn that shirt so much that I’m concerned how much longer the seems will last. At this point, not only have I gotten my money’s worth, but I actually probably owe Banana Republic more.

Here are a few examples of ways you can rock your chambray or denim shirts. 

Styled 3 ways: Chambray shirt

Don’t have one yet??!!  Check out the rest of the post to see some of my chambray shirt picks.

Tank top dress
$46 –

Madewell chambray shirt
$68 –

Mara Hoffman corset top
$207 –

J.Crew high waisted shorts
$118 –

J Brand mid rise skinny jeans
£245 –

Tory Burch strappy flat sandals
$225 –

Jeffrey Campbell black high heels
£120 –

Corso Como flat sandals
$95 –

ASOS oversized clutch
$36 –

H M leather belt
£7.99 –

Chambray Shirts Collection

J Crew western shirt
$118 –

CYCLE denim shirt
£149 –

Madewell chambray shirt
$78 –

Madewell chambray shirt
$68 –

Denim shirt
$55 –

J Crew denim shirt
$120 –

Old Navy chambray shirt
$25 –

Scotch soda
€100 –

Vintage washed denim shirt
¥19,950 –

H m
£15 –


How to: Get Rihanna’s recent look


Rihanna is my alter ego. Not in a creepy I think I’m Rihanna in real life way, but in a whenever I want to turn it up and feel like I’m the sexy bad ass that I am, I play a little Rhi Rhi. Somehow driving in my car screaming “sex in the air, I don’t care I love the smell of it” makes me feel confidently invincible. Rihanna is the ultimate bad ass, point blank period. And no one can tell me otherwise. No one.

Like this recent look she wore? Check out my picks to recreate this look and channel your own inner Rhi Rhi.

Rihanna Outfit Recreated
Monki short sleeve t shirt
€8 –

One teaspoon shorts
€80 –

Bcbgeneration handbag
$60 –

Giorgio Armani lip makeup
$30 –

Add a bold red lip, your cool girl attitude, and unleash your alter ego.


How to: Incorporating Neon

Incorporating Neon Spring 2012

Looking for a way to try the neon trend this summer without being mistaken for a missing highlighter? Here are a few of my picks for neon accessories to give your wardrobe a jolt of fresh color for spring.

Giuseppe Zanotti ankle wrap sandals
$695 –

Peep toe wedge
$65 –

Rebecca Minkoff ankle wrap sandals
$165 –

Rebecca Minkoff straw clutch
$195 –

Balenciaga pocket wallet
$525 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs croc handbag
£435 –

La Mer wrap watch
$118 –

Cc skye jewelry
£135 –

Wrap watch
$96 –

Neon necklace
$11 –

ASOS neon earrings
$8.06 –

American apparel nail polish
$6 –

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How to: Make High Rise Shorts

In yesterday’s “current obsession’s” post I talked about my quest for high rise shorts. I finally did find one pair of black, high rise shorts in HM back in August. However, since then I haven’t been able to find anymore until…. suddenly, this spring they are all over the place in Urban Outfitters and similar hipster/trendy stores, but the price tags are not budget friendly (over $5o). So what’s a girl with fancy champagne taste on a beer budget to do? Do it your damn self.

I went to a local thrift store, searched like a maniac for stylish 80’s mom jeans in my size. After about 40 minutes and several “what is she about to wear looks” from the other shoppers, I narrowed it down to four pair of jeans. These are the results of two:

DIY High Rise Shorts

Check out the rest of the post to see how I made them.

Materials Needed: Sharp scissors, Marker, Jeans, Sense of adventure

**Optional: Ruler/ Measuring Tape 
Step 1: Head to your local thrift store to find a pair of vintage “mom jeans” that looks like it has some potential. Can’t tell which ones are “high rise”? Look for jeans that have more distance between the back middle belt loop and the middle seem between the pockets, that usually means they will come up higher on you.

This is one of the ones I purchased.

Step 2: Try on the jeans. While wearing the jeans use the marker to make a mark on the jeans at the length you want your shorts to be.

Step 3: Take of the jeans. Extend the mark you made on the jeans into a line that goes across the whole leg of the jean (you can use a ruler if you have one)

Step 4: Cut across the line you just made on the jeans, being careful to not leave any marker still on the jeans.

Step 5: Place the now severed jean leg on top of the still attached leg and line up the ends. Use the marker to mark on the still attached leg where the severed leg ends to make sure both sides are equal.

Step 6: Cut across the line you just made on the jeans, being careful to not leave any marker still on the jeans.

Your finished!! You show now have  a pair of the highly coveted high rise shorts (extra props to you since yours are actually vintage, not just made to look “vintagey.”


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The Quest for Higher Ground


I’ve been mildly obsessed with finding high rise shorts. Of course by “mildly” I mean constantly berating the sales associates at all my usual fashion stomping grounds; questioning if they have any in the store and would they ever get any, and if not where can I get some????

Since the summer of 2011, I’ve been on a quest. Maybe it was the energy of being in NYC,  or some carefully chosen shorts Rihanna’s stylist put her in that I happen to see a picture of, but somehow I woke up one morning needing them in my life. It was impossible to find the kind I’m referring to. Please note I am not talking about those high waisted shorts that were popular like four years ago, you know the ones with extra buttons on each side and extra fabric that makes it extremely obvious that your shorts are “high waisted”, to the point where it looked like the seamstress forgot she was making higher waisted shorts and had to go back and add the fabric to the top. Yea, definitely not those.


High rise shorts/jeans are basically “mom jean style on crack,” in other words they come up higher, but its not like super obvious in an annoying way. Try to think back to the days of “too super low” when jeans came up to  your hips instead of barely over your bum…but they are the most incredibly sexy thing you can wear. Like I’m not kidding. They come up to where they hide that ridiculous set of lower abs that never seems to tone up and shows off the slimmer higher area of your torso. So you’re basically gonna feel like a sexy bad ass whenever you wear them. So you say you had no idea such magical summer time shorts existed??? Yea I know… your welcome :).

Check out my picks to help you get started on your quest! Oh and for those of you who are fancy on a budget like me, look out for my high rise shorts DIY tutorial coming up!

High Rise Shorts

J Brand high waisted short shorts
€188 –

Rag & bone cuffed shorts
£51 –

D&G highwaisted shorts
£56 –

$68 –

Cutoff shorts
$100 –

Cutoff shorts
$98 –

Mink pink shorts
$82 –

Blank Denim studded shorts
$78 –

Leopard print shorts
$38 –



How to: Kim Kardashian Inspired Airport Style

If you’re like me, then you kick yourself every time you find yourself at the airport- looking like you literally rolled out of bed. Although I know when my flight is scheduled well in advance, I still end up running late, and as a result, looking less than my usual fanciness. To prevent this scenario from happening again, take some cues from airport fashionista Kim K.

1. Comfort is still key: plan on wearing leggings or your favorite pair or worn in skinnies so that you won ‘t be as uncomfortable sitting in a seat for a long period of time

2. Layers: The weather from your departing city might be totally different from where your headed, layer it up just to be on the safe side and add/minus as needed. Extra plus, you won’t be too cold on the plane when the person seated next to you decides to put the air on full force.

3. Shoes: In most airports you have to remove your shoes. Be one step ahead by wearing shoes, such as boots or slides, which are easy to take on and off. Trust me; you don’t want to be that girl in line, holding everyone up, as she unties knee high lace-up boots!

4. Accessories: Since you don’t want to go overboard with the jewelry and risk setting off the metal detectors, opt for fun scarves or even hats to cover up “plane hair.” Just in case you run out of time to do your makeup, go ahead and plan to wear your shades indoors… just this once…but please make sure they are not tinted to the point where you can’t see 😉

5. Tote Bag: If you’re a student like me you’re probably trying to avoid the checking in a bag fee. After you’ve stuffed your carry on to the limit throw the rest in an over sized tote bag. Extra plus: you can store your layers away in this if you get hot and you’ll have all of your things handy to freshen up after you get off the plane!

Hope these tips help you out on your next trip!!!!


**Disclaimer: Photos from,,,

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The Comeback Kid

Don’t you hate it when a guy you recently started talking to and think you might be interested in randomly drops off the earth? No texts, Facebook, IMs, and let’s not even kid ourselves that he ever really called. You find yourself getting pissed off every time you hear an iPhone text message alert because you look at your phone (even though the sound was clearly coming from across the room and not in your bag, but nevertheless) and it’s still just your lock screen staring back at you. That sucks. You know what else sucks? When a blog that you love, ups and stops blogging. You just added a new blog to your daily internet “stalk list” and then they walk out on you. No warning, no message, or no forwarding number left on their answering machine. That was the story behind Fancy-Francy and its sporadic, (lack luster at times) blog posts. But that’s not where the story ends. Fancy-Francy is back, under a new direction and vision: The life and times of a young twenty something navigating graduating from college, moving from the deep south to the big apple and everything in between. Fancy-Francy chronicles Francy’s life as she moves awkwardly (yet hopefully stylishly) from one world to the next. As she discovers her personal style, views on beauty, men, friends, and life in general. And although you might be on the fence… trying to decide if your gonna give her another chance and welcome her back into your “blog loving” list…you’ve been hurt before and just don’t know if she will keep her word this time…have a little faith. And besides, who doesn’t love to root for the under dog? xoxo,

Why I broke up with my boyfriend blazer

Blazer, Boyfriend Blazer
 This might not be politically correct to say (or more importantly “fashionably”) but I’m going to go ahead and say it. I’m over the boyfriend blazer crave. There, I said it. But before you navigate off this site and shake your head at my vulgar idea, hear me out for a minute. I too was once a great supporter of the oh so stylish boyfriend blazer with its too cool for school longer sleeves that you push up for that “effortless look” and the longer length in the back that made it suitable to wear leggings with “sans bum covering” shirt. But nearly 15 boyfriend blazers into it, I have a rainbow assortment of jackets that I find myself not that interested in and a few old school just “regular old blazer blazers” that I’m constantly grabbing for now. Why is this? Because behind the mystique of the boyfriend blazer, for those of us girls that are more petite (I’m 5’4 on a good day) there is nothing like a well fitted blazer that goes in at the right places and emphasizes your femininity. A well fitting blazer adds sophistication and polish to any outfit from daytime errands to drinks with the girls at night (it’s one of my favorite day-to-night pieces!!)

Check out some of my picks for a little inspiration.

Remember the days when clothes had only one name, like jeans, shirt, blazer? Back then clothing was so simple that it didn’t two words to convey to people what you were talking about…

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